Colin Gomez

Born: 1994

Hometown: Lausanne

Favourite place: the mountains (probably somewhere between the French and Swiss Alps)

Goals: Being able to ascend any mountains and ski it down when it's possible


  • Selection of my steep skiing and ski touring film "Midi à Minuit", in different festivals worldwide
  • 29 out of  the 82 4000m peaks in the Alps
  • Ski trip to Bulgaria

"Having the ability to experience the mountains and overpass the challenges I may encounter there whatever the tools I am using and the sport I'm practicing. But most importantly doing it in a responsible manner to protect this wonderful playground." 

Raised in the mountains, I naturally got bitten by the mountain bug. My passion for outdoor sports started with steep skiing but quickly evolved to something much broader with skitouring, rock and ice climbing, mountaineering... Being very sensitive to the environmental cause, I've always tried to minimize my impact and for this reason I couldn't find a better partner than VAUDE, reconciling high technicity and strong ecological commitments.

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