Trolleys & travel bags for men and women

Explore the world with style and responsibility - our eco-friendly manufactured trolleys and travel bags for men and women not only offer plenty of space for your travel essentials, but also a good conscience. Convince yourself of the innovative materials and show that sustainability is also possible when traveling.

Trolleys & Travel Bags - Packs 'n Bags - Equipment

  1. Rotuma 90 - Trolley
    Rotuma 90 - Trolley

    PVC free material

    Incl. VAT
  2. CityDuffel 35 Sport- und Reisetasche
    CityDuffel 35 sport and travel duffel bag

    With recycled PET bottles

    Incl. VAT
  3. Rotuma 35 - Trolley
    Rotuma 35 - Trolley

    Eco-friendly water and dirt repellent

    Incl. VAT
  4. Rotuma 65 - Trolley
    Rotuma 65 - Trolley

    PVC free material

    Incl. VAT
  5. Tuvana 25 - Trolley
    Tuvana 25 - Trolley

    PVC free material

    Incl. VAT
  6. CityTravel 60 - Trolley
    CityTravel 60 - Trolley

    With recycled PET bottles

    Incl. VAT
  7. CityDuffel 65 Transport- und Reisetasche
    CityDuffel 65 transport and travel duffel bag

    With recycled PET bottles

    Incl. VAT
  8. CityTravel 90 - Trolley
    CityTravel 90 - Trolley

    With recycled PET bottles

    Incl. VAT

VAUDE travel bags

Luggage from VAUDE: Travel bags & more for your destination

Travelers often yearn for wide open spaces, typically flying there or taking the train. They want pristine nature, fascinating sights or remote places. However, many people travel from A to B because of their jobs. And in such cases, the travel bags from VAUDE are the perfect companion. The trolleys & travel bags from VAUDE feature robust and weather-resistant material and were designed for carrying comfort. Whatever their destination, all travelers want equipment that is properly manufactured and can be adapted to their individual needs. Chic, functional and manufactured with love for mountain sports – just like the bags from VAUDE.

Trolleys – practical companions

Anyone who has ever flown to a vacation destination knows that some routes can become long. With a practical trolley, you can simply pull your luggage behind you. Classic trolleys are hardshell suitcases – but at VAUDE, you will find these practical pieces of luggage as travel bags with rollers. The advantage: soft luggage is much more flexible when you stow it in the trunk of a car, for example. And soft trolleys take up much less space in storage. Further, travel bags on rollers can be transported in a number of different ways: using a handle at the top and side, with the soft handles at the center or with a telescopic handle. A backpack trolley is particularly handy. It can be pulled or, very practically, carried on the back.

Luggage for any occasion

One piece of luggage is essential on any journey: the Washbags (or cosmetics bag). Above all on an outdoor vacation, nobody wants to do without a wash bag with a practical hook for hanging it up.

Alongside travel bags, you will find handy Shoulder Bags for your vacation that are the ideal hand luggage. A shoulder bag for laptops (messenger bag) is the ideal solution for business trips in particular, while a lighter-weight laptop backpack is perfect for everyone who doesn’t want to go on vacation without their computer. You will find more Backpacks in the corresponding category.

VAUDE is not only a premium equipment supplier for mountain sports. As outdoor specialists, we are also passionate about bike sports. This is why it is not surprising that you will also find a large selection of Bike bags in our online shop.

In harmony with nature: fair and ecological production

In mountain sports, mountaineers treat each other fairly. And because they appreciate and protect nature, they treat it fairly as well. This includes making ecological production a priority when selecting a travel bag. If that isn’t enough, VAUDE has special collections that have been awarded the Green Shape seal, which confirms that the manufacturer has used sustainable materials and a manufacturing process that conserves resources.