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Green Shape Core Collection - the future of sustainable outdoor gear

Ecofair, Multiuse, Unique

At the heart of the new VAUDE Winter Collection 2018/19 is its Green Shape Core Collection: an authentically sustainable selection of gear for a wide variety of outdoor activities. VAUDE has developed innovative materials that are high performing and environmentally friendly, while at the same time offer solutions for global environmental challenges such as microplastics pollution. With them, VAUDE is presenting the most sustainable products in the industry, underscoring its pioneering position and demonstrating what the future holds for sustainably innovative outdoor gear.

The Green Shape Core Collection consists of 19 sustainable multiuse products — apparel, shoes, backpacks — designed for a wide range of outdoor activities. With a natural look and feel, they unite performance with a feel-good factor and long service life. The pieces are conceptualized as a layering system, perfectly coordinated in design and performance to function together, from base layer to waterproof 3-layer jacket. About 90 % of the diverse textile materials used in the production process are biobased, recycled or purely natural materials. Unconventional, renewable raw materials such as unmarketable cow's milk, wood and castor oil are also used.

VAUDE CEO Antje von Dewitz: “The Green Shape Core Collection is a testimony to our ‘green’ soul – it embodies our ecological and social values, and testifies to the essence of what motivates VAUDE as a brand. With it we would like to prove that taking a stand for sustainability – whole-heartedly and in a spirit of innovation – truly pays.”


The following features distinguish VAUDE's Green Shape Core Collection:


For the products of the Green Shape Core Collection, VAUDE went out in search of environmentally friendly functional materials. Together with its suppliers, the outdoor manufacturer from Lake Constance has developed new materials and technological solutions that had previously not been possible. Each and every material was closely examined from an ecological and social viewpoint. VAUDE CEO Antje von Dewitz: “The entire collection is ‘ecofair’. This means that we are conserving valuable raw resources by using recycled materials and replacing fossil based raw materials with biobased alternatives, for example, from kapok, castor-oil or cow's milk. For the first time, we are using biodegradable fiber for fleece products and are exploiting the natural functional properties of materials to minimize the use of chemicals.” In addition, VAUDE pursues environmentally friendly processes along the entire supply chain – from the production of materials to the finishing of innovative products – and ensures fair working conditions in its production facilities.



The Green Shape Core Collection covers a broad range of outdoor activities. The ‘multiuse’ byword is based on the idea of value-based consumerism. In order to avoid wasting resources, the focus is on using a smaller number of multiuse products rather than owning a wide selection of specialized versions. The products are designed to be suitable for many different activities and, depending on the weather, can be combined in a variety of ways, for anything from an easy ski tour or winter hike to a daily bike commute. Ergonomic cuts, intelligent combinations of materials, and a sophisticated, technical product design provide function united with a feel-good factor. And thanks to our timeless product design and high-quality workmanship, conscientious outdoor fans will find long lasting products in this sustainable collection that they can enjoy for years to come.



VAUDE is regarded as a pioneer in the field of sustainability and continues to set new standards for the outdoor industry. This is impressively demonstrated in every product of the Green Shape Core Collection, reflecting solid expertise and innovation in terms of sustainability. The collection expresses a progressive and visionary future of sustainable innovative outdoor gear. With it VAUDE would like to make an impact, provide inspiration for thinking outside the box and lead a call to action. The mountain sports supplier is pushing the limits of what is technically and economically feasible while applying consistent, resource-conserving processing methods under fair production conditions — something that is truly unique in this form.


Additional detailed information on the collection and materials, as well as pictures and explanations, can be found on the dedicated website:


Booklet Green Shape Core Collection:

W18_VAUDE Green Shape Core Collection_Booklet


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The Green Shape Core Collection was first showcased at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, the world’s leading trade show for fair fashion and a sustainable lifestyle from January 16 - 18, 2018. Two weeks later, the collection was presented in Munich at the ISPO, the world's largest sports trade fair, and received broad media attention.


Honors and Awards

- In November 2017, the TENCEL® fleece material that VAUDE uses exclusively in the Green Shape Core Collection was honored with the Eco Performance Award at the textile trade show, Performance Days, in Munich. This innovative material was jointly developed with the Italian fabric producer Pontetorto that makes the TENCEL® fleece for the inner surface.

- At the world’s largest sports trade show, VAUDE was honored with the ISPO Eco Achievement Award for its comprehensive commitment and the development of the Green Shape Core Collection.

- Germany’s Federal Environment Ministry nominated the Green Shape Core Collection for the German Federal Ecodesign Top 3.

- At the Green Tec Award, which honors the world's most innovative projects for environmental protection and a green lifestyle, the collection won in the category “Sports by Jack Wolfskin”. The award ceremony took place on May 13th during a festive gala in Munich.

- On March 19th, the Green Shape Core Collection was honored with the iF Design Award in Gold for its consistently sustainable design concept.

- At the Eurobike trade fair 2018, the “Green Award” went to the Green Core Tricot from the Summer-Collection 2019 of the Green Shape Core Collection.














More information on the numerous awards can be found in the media section at


A quick overview of the most important facts about the Green Shape Core Collection

- 19-piece multiuse collection — a collection for a variety of activities.

- Available in August 2018 at specialist shops as a "limited edition" from selected dealers.

- Functionality that also offers solutions to global problems, such as microplastics pollution in seawater.

- The collection uses textile materials that are 90 % biobased, recycled or pure natural materials.

- Exclusive new material developments with unconventional natural ingredients such as wood, castor oil and cow's milk.


Organic pile/TENCEL® fleece: Fleece material that biodegrades in seawater and does not leave behind microplastics. 

EcoPaXX®: Biobased plastic or synthetic fiber, 70 % of which is produced from castor oil.

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Natural Blend: Hybrid insulation made from kapok tree fiber.

Q-Milk Felt: 20 % cow's milk (which is no longer suitable for food production) and 80 % wool are processed into felt.

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