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VAUDE Gear for Bikepacking

Trail Adventures with Bag and Baggage

Touring on a mountain bike, with your entire luggage directly attached to the bike so that you can enjoy full mobility out on the paths – this is what freedom-loving mountain bikes define as adventure. VAUDE offers a complete range of gear for the pursuit, including apparel, ultralight tents, insulation pads and sleeping bags, and has now added three specially designed bikepacking bags to the program.

Bikepacking is gaining in popularity, with concepts such as sub-24-hour overnighter, micro-adventure or 5to9 adventure mentioned in the same context. Ultimately, all aim at similar experiences of freedom and adventure while in the pursuit of small or large escapes from everyday life, depending on time available, desire and degree of spontaneity. In any case, the adventure should be possible with only a minimal amount of luggage and spent under an open starry sky – and if all this takes place on two wheels, it is a bikepacking adventure and all your luggage is on your bike!

3 x Trail for Handlebars, Saddle and Frame = 39 liters hauling capacity

Trailfront, Trailsaddle and Trailframe – VAUDE’s three new bike bags created to accompany bikepackers on their trail adventures. All models feature roll-down closures that are easy to use and roll up tight. Made from PVC-free tarpaulin with welded seams, they seal out water effectively when tackling your adventure. The water-shedding Eco Finish surface treatment is completely without harmful fluorocarbons (PFC-free). The handlebar bag and the saddlebag are designed to carry the largest part of your load. A central mounting system keeps you agile and your bike under control even on rough terrain. Both bags are designed so that the mounting system remains on the bike, allowing the bags to be easily and quickly attached or detached. Rafael Erath, VAUDE product manager explains it this way: “Mounting systems for handlebars or under a bike saddle can be somewhat tricky and, depending on the bike, even complicated to attach sometimes. This is why we have developed a mounting system that once it’s attached, remains on the bike for the whole tour.” The frame bag with its combination of Klick fixture and drawcord attachment can be completely detached, as the frame mount is more accessible and much easier to attach. Together the three bags offer 39 liters of hauling capacity. The handlebar bag also has additional straps to attach other gear pieces.

The Trailsaddle bag that is mounted under the saddle provides 12 liters of space that is ideal for storing equipment that is not needed during the ride. Praktisches Feature: It does not only keep your gear dry - it serves as a splashguard to keep you dry as well. Side compression straps on the mounting system that attaches to the saddle post give the bag reliable stability and prevent it from loosening during the ride.

The Trailfront handlebar bag is accessible on both sides through roll closure openings. The bag provides 19 liters of volume and is ideal for transporting lighter loads such as an insulation pad and sleeping bag, or weather protective clothing. A practical feature is the strap for carrying the bag over your shoulder when it is detached. Flexible compression straps on the frame give the bag enough stability and security during the ride. Extra gear like a tent or bivy bag can be attached by using the exterior pack straps. The bag is easily mounted onto the handlebars or the stem. The attachment is adjustable in width and has a practical spacer to ensure that you always have enough room for braking and shifting. 

The easy access, Trailframe frame bag with 8-liter carrying capacity is ideal for heavier gear like tools, stove or provisions thanks to its low center of gravity. Practical feature: The 2 lower attachment straps can be removed, so that the bag’s width can be adjusted and it can be attached to bikes with rear suspension. Strong adhesive, rubberized bands attach the bag to the top tube.

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