Tracking VAUDE products worldwide – a transparent supply chain

Where does my outdoor jacket come from? Who made my backpack? Outdoor fans can easily find the answers to questions such as these on the VAUDE website at – no matter where in the world the gear or apparel was made. VAUDE offers the ability to trace products back to their place of production worldwide. Each softshell jacket, tent or pair of trekking shoes has a link that takes you directly to the production plant where it was made with photos, information and certifications from the facility. VAUDE has been committed to fair working conditions and environmental protection along the entire supply chain for years – on a voluntary basis and with success. The family-owned company is demonstrating that a supply chain act – like the one that recently passed in the German Bundestag – both makes sense and is feasible

And it's the only way to ensure that companies aren't making a profit at the expense of people and the planet or future generations.

"We strongly welcome the Supply Chain Act. For the first time, companies will be legally required to take on responsibility for the impact of their actions in their global supply chains. This is a major milestone and an important step in the right direction. We are firmly convinced that other steps will follow and that more and more companies will begin taking on responsibility. It takes many to make globalization fairer," appealed Antje von Dewitz, VAUDE Managing Director.

Transparent supply chain

VAUDE makes the supply chain transparent and shows its customers where its products are manufactured. How it works: Simply click on "Made where?" for the selected product on our VAUDE website and you'll find all key information about the production location. Photos of the building and its interior will give you a look behind the scenes directly into the production facility. In addition, you can find out what certifications the producer has and exactly where the facility is located. You can view a detailed Brand Performance Check for an evaluation of the manufacturer by clicking on the Fair Wear logo.

Fair Wear Leader Status – high social standards and fair wages

VAUDE has about 50 different production partners worldwide. About 20% of these are in Germany and Europe and about 80% are in Asia. The independent organization Fair Wear monitors working conditions at all production sites using annual audits, which also include employee interviews off-site from the factory. In addition, grievances can be reported to Fair Wear at any time using an anonymous complaint system that each producer is required to implement. The producers have made a commitment to complying with clearly defined social standards and to paying fair wages. As an ordering customer, VAUDE is also audited on a regular basis. A few days ago in Fair Wear's annual "Brand Performance Check", VAUDE once again received the highest possible "Leader" status for its high level of commitment, as it's done every year since 2015.

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