Trail Series: Functional Bags for Bikepacking

• Perfectly dimensioned, lightweight and durable bikepacking bags
• Ideal for cycling and gravel biking
• Robust, waterproof design
• Made from environmentally friendly Econyl

The Trail Series has everything discerning bikepackers need. The seven bags in the series are flexible, can be packed down to a small size and will adapt to whatever challenges you throw at them on the trail. No need to worry about bad weather – the bags are reliably waterproof and can cope with even the harshest of gravel tours.

Trail Series product overview

Bags of Quality

The Trail Series makes the perfect companion for your bikepacking adventures. It features the Trail Pack II backpack (8 liters), the Trail Front II handlebar bag with removable pack bag (12.5 liters), the Trail Saddle II saddle bag (10 liters), the Trailmulti II front fork bag (6 liters), and the Trailguide II frame bag (3 liters, all with removable pack bag). The slightly smaller Trailframe II frame bag (2.5 liters) rounds off the series. Used together, the bags offer no less than 42 liters of space.

They provide maximum flexibility and exactly as much storage as you need – take as many or few of the bags with you as you like, depending on the trip.

A miracle bag: Trail Pack II

The multifunctional Trail Pack II deserves special attention. From a rain shower to a full-scale thunderstorm, the rucksack takes everything in its stride with its waterproof roll closure and impresses with its long product lifespan.

No more room in the pack bag? No problem! The Trail Pack II offers a wealth of storage options. The 8-liter pack bag is perfect for a change of clothes, a sandwich or your waterproofs. The “cage” insert in the pack bag can be used to secure other items such as a tent or package.

This makes the Trail Pack II perfect for tours that call for maximum flexibility. Made a small purchase en route? No problem! Soaring temperatures? The insulating layer can be quickly packed away.
The Trail Pack II packs down small so it can be stowed in one of the other bags when not required.

An environmentally friendly series 

All the bags share reliably waterproof seams, robust, durable workmanship, and sustainable manufacturing – just the thing for eco-aware gravel bikers. Econyl (recycled polyamide) and other recycled materials are used to make the bags as environmentally friendly as possible.

Well equipped with the Trail series for your bike tour adventure

Learn more about our sustainable bikepacking products and get ready for unforgettable tours without harming the environment.

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