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Fleece made from wood cellulose, reducing microplastics

Wood to wear

With the development of the first biodegradable fleece fabric, VAUDE opened a new chapter in sustainable functional clothing in 2018. For the Summer Season 2020, the range of these ecological fleece models made from wood cellulose will now be extended to all apparel lines.

Cozy fleece jackets have been extremely popular in the outdoor sector for decades because they keep you warm and dry quickly. For 40 years, however, these jackets made of synthetic fibers have also been problematic because they shed tiny fibers when they’re washed that accumulate as microplastics in the world’s waterways and throughout the planet. But now VAUDE has found a solution to this problem with the first biodegradable fleece fabric made from wood cellulose. The fabric was first used in VAUDE's Green Shape Core Collection in 2018 and, following further development, will now also be included in the Summer 2020 Collection.

The Croz Fleece Jacket II is a lightweight, highly technical hybrid fleece jacket that can be used for all kinds of activities in the mountains. It features a motion-friendly design and a stretchy, breathable material blend. The fiber pile on the inner surface consists of undyed wood cellulose. Microfibers that can shed from the inside of the jacket during the washing process and enter the global water cycle are completely biodegradable. The stretch fabric on the sides, shoulder and hood provides more freedom of movement and abrasion resistance and a high collar offers protection from the wind.

The Valua Fleece Jacket is also very versatile, and is a great choice for hiking and travel. The fabric is made of wood cellulose and 40 % organic cotton, combined with stretch inserts for more freedom of movement. The result is a very comfortable and natural wearing experience. This hoodless stretch fleece jacket is available in solid colors and the inside is unbleached. The renewable raw materials are biodegradable and help to reduce microplastics in our seas.

VAUDE will also have a fleece jacket with wood cellulose for kids starting in summer 2020. The cuddly Kids’ Faunus Fleece Jacket will keep young eco-warriors warm and thanks to the zip-in function, can also be used in combination with a rain jacket such as the Kids’ Faunus 2L jacket. This jacket also features a fabric that largely consists of the natural materials organic cotton and wood cellulose. Microfibers shed during the washing process are biodegradable and won’t end up polluting the environment or marine life in the form of microplastics. VAUDE has come up with something really special for environmental scoutlets. A large, external mesh pocket holds all kinds of treasures that can be safely transported home. Whether your children attend the local forest kindergarten or just like to play outdoors, they’re sure to love this feature, because there’s always something to discover in the great outdoors.


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