How do I repair and waterproof shoes?

Repair instead of throwing away and warranty

We are proud of our products and we develop every detail so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible and leave as small an ecological footprint as possible, in the truest sense of the word. However, almost no piece of equipment is exposed to as much wear and tear as shoes.

But wear and tear or damage doesn't have to mean the end for your favorite piece. Here are some things you can do to make your shoes last longer:

Shoelaces and how to tie them properly

Sounds banal, but it is one of the easiest things to do. If a shoelace breaks, simply put in a new one. Your local sports retailer or cobbler has many variations and lengths in stock.

This is how I tie my shoelaces properly: form the first loop and place the second lace twice around the loop, then pull it through the loop and tighten it. The advantage to this knot is that it can be untied very quickly.

Loose or loosening adhesions

Here you have the option of either doing it yourself with the right glue or going back to the cobbler - he can glue pretty much everything back on "like new".

Open seams

It can happen that a seam on the shoe comes loose or even opens up - your local cobbler can quickly remedy this. Shoemakers have powerful industrial sewing machines and can easily put a new seam in place.

Boa®Lacing System

For some of our shoe models we use the Boa® quick lacing system. We chose it not only because of its perfect function and handling, but also because of its repairability. We offer all spare parts through our VAUDE repair service to bring tension back into your broken Boa® lacing.

Abrasion inner shoe

You probably know the problem: The inner material in the heel area is rubbed off. Here, too, a visit to the cobbler often works wonders - he can glue on materials of different thicknesses, hard and soft, and fix the problem.

For which complaints is there a warranty claim?

VAUDE products of course also have a warranty - here you can check if there is a warranty claim for your defective product.

How do I clean my outdoor and cycling shoes?

Basically, you can start your adventures with new VAUDE shoes without any further special treatment. However, after some time or after hard work, your shoes need some care to remain fully functional - especially leather shoes. Here are a few useful tips and tricks:


Remove the footbed and laces, then use water and a nylon brush to remove any external dirt. Nikwax cleaning gel for shoes is best for this. The footbed can be washed separately.

Ein Lederschuh, ein Nikwax-Reinigungsgel und eine BürsteEin Lederschuh, ein Nikwax-Reinigungsgel und eine Bürste


Stuff the shoe with newspaper and let it air dry. Do not place in direct sunlight or close to other heat sources, otherwise the materials can quickly become brittle and hard. Natural products such as leather always contain some residual moisture to remain malleable. Rapid heating will cause the material to harden completely and crack.

Waxing leather shoes

As mentioned above, leather requires a certain amount of moisture to remain supple. This is maintained by regular application of maintenance wax. Do not use grease or oil for this purpose. Massage the wax in with a cloth. Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather is best suited here, here is also a small sponge on the tube for gentle working in.

Caution: The outer material will be slightly darker due to the applied wax!

Ein Schuh und ein Nikwax-ImprägnierwachsEin Schuh und ein Nikwax-Imprägnierwachs


After waxing, the leather shoes please impregnate generously.

But also shoes with built-in, waterproof membrane should be impregnated to maintain full functionality. A wet, soaked outer material is like a barrier and significantly deteriorates the breathability of the membrane.

Ein Lederschuh und eine Nikwax-ImprägnierungEin Lederschuh und eine Nikwax-Imprägnierung

It is best to impregnate the shoes after cleaning, when they are not yet completely dry. Then the treatment can penetrate deeper into the pores.

For textile and leather shoes Nikwax fabric and leather impregnation is suitable.

Nikwax care products you can get at a local dealer.

Basically, please follow all instructions printed on the care products.

Can I send a product to VAUDE for repair?

We will gladly repair your favorite product for you. In this way, we help you to extend the life cycle of these items and to conserve resources. You can find out how the repair service works here.