Men's Mineo Padded Shacket – Reversible Long Shirt with PrimaLoft® Insulation

One shirt, two faces. With the VAUDE Mineo Padded Shacket, you won't easily be defined by just one trend. This stylish long-sleeved shirt with a stand-up collar is designed as a warm reversible shirt, promising fashionistas maximum flexibility for the day's style. And to top it off, the shirt is made almost entirely from recycled materials. It makes a strong statement for climate protection.

Fancy, fancier, Shacket

If the question of the right look for autumn seems too complicated, just reach for the Mineo Padded Shacket. It's a flannel shirt in a stylish checkered pattern, guaranteed to look great in urban environments.

Jacket or shirt, or just both? 

Modern man is known to be complex and has more than one side to offer. That's why the Mineo Padded LS Shirt by VAUDE is designed as a reversible shirt. Worn with the fleecy flannel, large checkered side facing out, the style proclaims original and outdoorsy while still being quite soft and cuddly. The distinctive breast pockets and the central placket with snap buttons emphasize its hearty country character.

Turn the shacket inside out to show a more technical, clean look with subtle shiny taffetta fabric. This material is slightly water and wind repellent, treated with
PFC-free EcoFinish, so it's the better choice for hazy, foggy weather. The soft flannel fleece is then inside, creating an additional cushion of warmth.

Whichever side you wear outward, it's still the inner values that count – in this case, 40 grams of insulation from the specialist PrimaLoft®. The PrimaLoft® Black Eco insulation is made of 100% recycled PET material and creates a comfortable cushion of warmth that is absolutely sufficient for mild autumn days. Worn casually and open, the Mineo shirt then shows off yet another facet. It cuts a fine figure worn as a jacket as well – a casual look with jeans or cargo pants.

Always well dressed

Worn open, this urban trend-setter provides a stylish extra serving of warmth on campus or at the office and does double duty in your wardrobe with its reversible functionality and inconspicuous reflective elements. The primarily recycled material of this men’s long-sleeved shirt is easy-care and quick-drying. It’s got the pockets of a button-up shirt for your valuables, snaps for quick on and off and the collar can be closed all the way up if the breeze turns a little chilly.Offen getragen ist dieser urbane Trendsetter ein modisches Wärmeplus in Uni und Alltag und wertet die Garderobe durch seine Wendemöglichkeit und seine unauffälligen, reflektierenden Elemente doppelt auf. Das überwiegend recycelte Material des Langarmshirts für Herren ist pflegeleicht und schnelltrocknend. Die hemdtypisch aufgenähten Taschen verstauen wichtige Kleinigkeiten. Dank der handlichen Druckknöpfe ist das Hemd schnell auf- und zugemacht; selbst der Kragen kann bis obenhin geschlossen werden, wenn eine steife Brise weht.

Climate neutral production

As a member of the independent Fair Wear organization with Leader Status, VAUDE is committed to fair working conditions and fair wages. The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally-friendly, functional products made from sustainable materials. In addition, this product is climate neutral – we’ve analyzed and systematically reduced all emissions arising from materials, manufacturing, and shipping. Emissions that are currently unavoidable were fully offset by the independent non-profit myclimate organization.

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