Farley Stretch Pants – Turning recycled polyamide from old tires into new pants

• Robust, durable polyamide with best freedom of movement
• Polyamide made using mass balance procedure, innovative pyrolysis oil from used tires
• 60% CO2 savings compared to conventional plastic helps, protect the climat

Thanks to a research cooperation with BASF, VAUDE is proudly presenting a global first for the outdoor industry: trekking pants made using polyamide from recycled tires. This innovative material can conserve fossil resources and significantly reduce CO2 emissions in textile production. The new Farley Stretch Pants stand for effective climate protection and sustainable outdoor experiences.

Unbelievable Attire

Recycled materials have long been used in the textile industry. Approximately half of the products in VAUDE’s Summer Collection 2022 are already produced with recycled materials. This reduces dependence on the exploitation of primary fossil raw materials, lowers energy demand and emissions in manufacturing, and minimizes the volume of plastic waste. It represents an important contribution to protecting our climate and environment. It has been difficult or even impossible to recycle many of the plastics produced over the past few decades. Thanks to innovative chemical recycling processes, though, new solutions are emerging – including for used tires.

Pants from used tires – completing the circle

The textiles, which are produced using the mass balance approach, are climate-friendly and highly functional, all while helping to address a major waste problem. Discarded car tires are considered difficult to recycle and until now have mostly been incinerated or sent to the landfill – yet there are ways to reuse them as an environmentally friendly crude oil alternative. VAUDE is the first outdoor company to take advantage of a technology in the textile sector that uses a thermochemical process to produce polyamide from synthetics that are difficult to recycle. Pyrolysis oil recycled from used tires is fed into a polyamide production system in a certified mass balance process. As a result, this innovative, sustainable material is just as resilient, fast-drying and high-performing as conventional polyamide derived from crude oil – but far more environmentally friendly. This technology saves 60% of CO2 emissions during production*, conserves scarce resources, and makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.
* ChemCyclingTM, Environmental Evaluation by Life Cycle Assessment, BASF, November 2020 GaBi version 9.2 (2020), Sphera AG, Polyamide 6 Granulate

VAUDE has used the new material to produce the entire range of Farley Stretch Pants, offering ten models for women and men. What’s more, the line of Yaras Zip-Off Pants features even more models for cyclists. Thanks to their strong sales and commercial success, these product lines promise to ensure a high circulation of the innovative material in the market.
Mass balancing is an established approach that allows the material flow in the manufacturing process to be traced. It involves calculating the share of recycled raw material in the end products.

From the streets to the mountains

VAUDE combines 89% recycled polyamide with 11% elastane in the lightweight Farley Stretch Pants. The latest edition of the popular line of light hiking pants has an even more modern cut while retaining proven features like an elastic drawcord with belt loops, convenient pockets, and articulated knees. A smart design that has been tried and tested across thousands of hikes and journeys. The pants are available in many colors as Bermuda shorts, zip-off pants, and additionally for women as capri pants. For example, the practical zip-off function of the Farley Stretch ZO T-Zip Pants allows you to turn them into shorts in a breeze – an ideal travel companion.

The pants' design and quick-drying, water-shedding and stain-resistant fabric will keep you comfortable no matter where your journey may take you. The material is long-lasting and durable, providing high UV protection (UPF 50+) and maximum freedom of movement – even on an alpine adventure. Thanks to the environmentally friendly PFC-free Eco Finish, a light drizzle will not put a damper on your fun. The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally friendly, functional products made from bluesign® certified, sustainable materials.

The Farley Stretch Pants are the ideal companion for travel and trekking tours – you can easily adjust them to the conditions as you require. Whether zipped off in summer or combined with long thermal underwear in winter – these pants are built to take on any weather.

Additional product information:
Farley Stretch ZO T-Zip Pants III (MSRP: 100 EUR)

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Process diagram: Polyamide recycling from used tires in the mass balance procedure