Urban Outdoor - four attractive hikes around Berlin

"Thick B, Home on the Spree - In summer you do well and in winter it hurts." Who doesn't know it, the ode of the band Seeed to their hometown. In order to escape the gray everyday life of Berlin in late fall and winter, at least for a short time, photographer Vic Harster set out to find easy day hikes in the capital's surrounding countryside. Here she presents four of her highlights, all of which can be easily reached by public transport.

Public transportation is a quick way to reach many hiking tours around Berlin. Image: Ryan Sleiman

Leisurely lakes tour and monastery visit in Chorin

Chorin can save many an afternoon - whether foggy, sunny or even in the snow. Around Amtsee, the Chorin Forest and Monastery offer nice and easy hiking destinations. You can reach Chorin by regional express from Gesundbrunnen in Berlin in about 25 minutes. The short hike from the train station to the monastery and around the Amtsee is about 6 km long. If you want to extend the round in the forest a little bit, you can still visit the Weißer See on a distance of about 15 km. Tip: don't forget your swimsuit in summer!

An enchanted path in the Chorin forest. Photo: Vic Harster

Romantic footbridges and quiet forest paths in Groß Köris

The many footbridges invite you to linger. Don't forget your swimsuit in summer! Picture: Vic Harster

Klein and Groß Köris are tranquil Brandenburg villages in the middle of picturesque lakes, which can be reached very well by regional train from Berlin Ostkreuz within 35 minutes. Admittedly, this may not sound very exciting at first. But - let us teach you a better lesson? Around the lake there are some very beautiful forest paths, as well as small cottages with romantic footbridges and public bathing places. The varied loop around the lake is about 15 km long.

Here you can enjoy the sunset! Picture: Vic Harster

Picnic and ferry at the Straussee

Strausberg can be reached from Berlin Ostbahnhof in about 30 min by S-Bahn. The circular walk around the lake is relatively long and can be started at different points. From Strausberg city, for example, the opposite side of the lake can be reached via an easy hiking trail to the south. On the way there, several small bathing spots invite you to linger and have a picnic. With the electric ferry you can shorten the tour after 6 km. Or you can continue walking to the train station Strausberg Nord and thus reach about 10 km of hiking.

Again and again views of the Straussee open up. Photo: Vic Harster
The electric ferry makes it easy to cross the lake. Picture: Vic Harster

Nature reserve and moor landscape in Birkenwerder

My favorite in this list is Birkenwerder, which is within 40 minutes from Berlin. The hiking trail runs along the railroad tracks until you enter the beautiful forest. The nature conservation associations have been working for some time to preserve the moors, meanwhile the beautiful nature is recovering more and more! The immersion in this landscape is for me balm for the soul! It chirps and splashes at every corner in the forest, there is so much to see and discover! A real place of strength to recharge!

Nature is left to its own devices again in the Birkenwerder moor. Image: Vic Harster

Along the Briese (the bog river) lead different paths, over small bridges you can change the river sides or start the way back. The smallest loop is about 6 km long.

I hope you liked the suggestions! Have fun hiking and exploring the nature near the city! Your Vic Harster