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Tents of VAUDE: the perfect trekking tent for your adventure

Not even the most casual holiday maker who goes camping once a year could fail to notice how far tent design has come over the past few years, and at Vaude this is especially true. For no other company has quite so much knowledge and experience, and no company has such a streamlined, conscientious approach to quality, sustainability and the environment in its production processes. This is because Vaude has developed its range since the mid 1970's when the company was first set up. Currently, Vaude has a range of world class tents that are second to none for all outdoor sports and expeditions. Sourcing and developing a range of technologically advanced fabrics, such as polyamide and polyester ripstop, each tent is economically and ergonomically designed to fulfil its particular brief. The frames are power frames, light weight and strong, but flexible, and all from renewable and sustainable sources; The glues, zips and materials used to make Vaude's tents wind and water proof are all ecologically sound, and high performing as they can be. Each range is laid out on the website, grid style, and each item 'clicks to open' onto a clear info sheet. Here there is a map of each tent, specifications list and a zoom in facility, along with shipping status and price information. These make choosing the right style a breeze for the casual tourist and the seasoned traveller alike. With a surprisingly wide selection, Vaude tents are also made to some of the highest specifications money can buy.

Easy to pack, easy to set up, tents for everyone

For the serious outdoor enthusiast, nothing beats a trekking tent designed for purpose. Vaude also has everything from the Lizard range, which offers lightweight, streamlined sleeping under a super strong power frame for one, to the family trekking tent ranges, the largest of which sleeps six, which also has a water column of 3,000mm to aid keeping you dry and warm. Also, from the first hand experience of its own sports men and explorers, Vaude has gained an expert knowledge of exactly what works the best, and wears the best over time. This knowledge coupled with utilising the latest fabric and material advances, ensures you get the most responsibly made product possible. That means you can trust that, whether a family tent, trekking tent, igloo or tunnel tent, it will function perfectly under all conditions it says it will and will last, having used the least resources possible. Lightweight and waterproof, all Vaude's tents last. Coupled with that, all Vaude tent interiors also have inner pockets and thoughtful additions to make them as efficient as possible. Style, shape and size: Vaude has pod shaped for one or two, canopy shaped for two or three, or cone shaped,(this range is neatly called 'Opera' because it looks like a mini Sydney opera house) and winged shaped tents for more than three, like the 'Badawi', which looks distinctly Bedouin in design.