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Isomats of VAUDE: the perfect isomat for trekking and mountain sports

Isomats, or as they are often known, sleeping bag pads, are, next to a tent, probably the most basic part of any outdoors sports enthusiast's kit, and there are many different styles to choose from. However, with a track record of over 40 years steady input from clients and from the staff at Vaude, who are made up of passionate sportspeople and environmentally aware folk, this is a company that produces some of the most sustainable, and most wonderfully designed sleeping bags around. So whether it is an isomat or sleeping pad, self inflating camping mat, air mattress, or even a thermo mat you're thinking of, browsing Vaude's pages will help you decide easily, because no one understands the need for modern, weather proof fabrics and light weight designs and padding better than Vaude. A medium sized 'family' company, Vaude is also right at the edge of the best advances in sustainable manufacture, conservation and use only the best materials. With 59 sleeping bags to choose from on our wesite, all laid out in a simple grid format, choosing is easy. Just click on a sleeping bag or isomat of your choice to open up a clearly written page of information. Each style is available in several levels of warmth, and uses ecologically minded Sensofiber micro-fiber fill, which is super quick dry, and lightweight. So there's always the right sleeping pad for whatever weather you're facing, and if you want a foam mat, or other seeping pad accessory, they are also here.

Comfortable Isomats with minimum fuss

All Vaude's sleeping pads are made from light, easy care, fast dry modern fabrics, and there are 10 main styles to choose from in several different colour ways. With each style given a name that suits it's description, style and use, choosing asleeping bag is stress free. Also, whether you are going on an expedition to Alaska, or on a Summer week end camping trip in the country, Vaude has the ideal partner for your sleeping pad or isomat. There's a wide range of foam mattresses, and camping mats to suit all conditions, with all levels of insulation. There's also thermo mats and inflatable mats which can really boost the warmth and comfort of your sleeping pad or isomat. Accessories to finish: Vaude also has a selection of items designed to further boost and enhance the performance of whatever sleeping pad and camping mat you choose. There's fleece blankets, bivibags and silk liners. (These roll up into practically nothing, but are a great addition to any cold weather camping kit). There's also a selection of cushions and pads, to augment personal requirements. And last, but by no means least, there is even a sleeping bag especially for any little ones in your party. Suitable for any child up to 80cms in length, it also unzips into a baby blanket, once more proving that Vaude really are a family company!