Functional fabric Ceplex

“Ceplex” is a functional material associated exclusively with the outdoor clothing company VAUDE. It is manufactured by means of a new membrane technology whose advantages are exploited primarily by the clothing industry, and in particular by the outdoor clothing industry. There are three different types of Ceplex, each with different properties; the type used depends on the respective outdoor clothing requirements. The main focus is on making clothing water- and windproof whilst guaranteeing excellent breathability, thereby cleverly linking weather protection and insulation without sacrificing modern design.

The VAUDE Ceplex membrane – singularly good

Whilst ordinary coatings on clothing are designed to protect against water permeation, a membrane – due to its nature – offers more benefits. It is usually not possible to distribute ordinary coatings evenly. A Ceplex membrane is applied by attaching a thin layer of synthetic laminate to the fabric surface that reaches every inch of the material and has a totally even thickness. Another advantage is that this membrane not only creates a barrier against moisture, it also allows the moisture that forms underneath the fabric to escape. A membrane also fuses with the fabric, making it more durable and long-lasting. It is extremely resistant against abrasion and also easy to clean.

Ceplex Pro

Ceplex Pro is the highest quality membrane technology in the clothing industry and is offered only by VAUDE. Its application makes different kinds of fabrics permanently wind- and waterproof. Clothing featuring this membrane can withstand at least 20,000mm of hydrostatic head (JIS L 1092 B). This means that cyclists, hikers or mountaineers can rely on the fact that even heavy rain will not permeate their clothing. Especially when pursuing physically demanding activities, outdoor fans often have to decide between waterproof or breathable. With Ceplex Pro, VAUDE has removed the need for this decision, because the fabric offers outstanding breathability as perspiration is cleverly guided to the outside and absorbed. The membrane is also 100% PTEE-free.Ceplex Advanced basically has the same properties as Ceplex Pro, but this membrane type is slightly less waterproof and withstands at least 15,000mm of hydrostatic head, whilst the Ceplex Active version will still withstand at least 10,000mm.

A wide spectrum to suit any outdoor activity

VAUDE knows what outdoor fans need, and the company’s mission is to offer functional clothing that meets the respective requirements. VAUDE therefore offers an extensive range of clothing with a Ceplex membrane for the various different outdoor activities. Whether outdoor shoes for mountaineering, climbing, ski mountaineering, sports and hiking shoes for holidays, extended tours or trekking adventures or clothing such as jackets and trousers, all VAUDE functional clothing with Ceplex membrane fits perfectly, looks modern and is extremely comfortable to wear wherever you are. VAUDE also stocks a wide range of clothing that is suitable for everyday use and suits the urban lifestyle as much as it represents a certain lifestyle feeling that spans all age groups. VAUDE also caters for kids; our range of kids clothing designed for young explorers is fashionable yet also offers reliable protection against wind and weather during outdoor adventures.VAUDE even stocks a large selection of outdoor equipment such as tents and covers that leave nothing to be desired.