How do I repair a broken buckle on my backpack?

If you have a broken buckle, it is easy to replace it. We show you here in brief, what steps are necessary for this.

Required tools:

Screwdriver, measuring tape & new buckle (Available in the online store and in the repair workshop. In this tutorial we describe how you measure the necessary belt width)

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 5 minutes

These buckles are available for backpacks

Eine Schnalle mit Doppelsteg und eine mit Doppelsteg und EinstegEine Schnalle mit Doppelsteg und eine mit Doppelsteg und Einsteg

Left: Hip belt buckle with double bar (Dual Adjust)
Right: Hip belt buckle with double and single bar (Single Adjust).

These buckles are most commonly used on backpacks (for example, to close the hip belt)

Eine Leiterschnalle und ein GurtverstellerEine Leiterschnalle und ein Gurtversteller

Left: Ladder buckle
Right: Belt adjuster

These buckles are used to adjust straps

Eine Schnalle mit GurtbandEine Schnalle mit Gurtband

To determine the correct buckle size, measure the webbing with a tape measure. The width of the strap shown in the picture is 15 mm. This means that you also need a buckle with this measurement.

Detach the defective buckle from the strap by first pulling it through the locking strap and then through the guide of the buckle.

Tip: With the help of a screwdriver or tweezers, you can better push the strap through the guide.