Pants Guide: Find the right pants

Lined outdoor pants, short hiking pants or zip-off function - what kind of pants do I need? Depending on the activity and the season in which you want to wear your outdoor pants, you have the choice between different pants lengths and various sustainable materials. The VAUDE Pants Advisor will help you find the right outdoor pants for your needs. Let us advise you here:

Find outdoor pants for women, men and children

The right outdoor pants will ensure that your legs are warm when you are active in the fresh air, and well ventilated at the same time. Outdoor pants for men have a different cut and fit from outdoor pants for women. Men’s pants are longer and overall, have a wider cut, while women’s pants feature the special fit at the waist and hips. Part of the waistband on VAUDE outdoor pants is elastic to ensure that the pants fit comfortably. For kids outdoor pants, it is important that the pants fit well and offer sufficient freedom of movement for any adventure.
Functional pockets in which small articles like a smartphone, GPS device, energy bar or key ring fit are typical of outdoor pants. The articles are within easy reach during any activity and safely stowed away at the same time.

The right length for your outdoor pants

One of the most frequently asked questions about outdoor pants is what length is appropriate. Can I still wear shorts in the spring and fall? What pants should I wear for hiking? Do pants for cooler temperatures always have to have a thick lining? Our VAUDE trousers consultant will help you. Not only the season and the weather conditions are key factors when choosing pants. The type of activity you will be wearing the outdoor pants for is just as important. For an ambitious mountain hike with high cumulative elevation gain in the fall or spring, you need different hiking pants from the pants that are appropriate for a relaxed walk in the late autumn woods. In many cases, zip-off outdoor pants are a good choice: here, you have shorts and pants in one.

Outdoors pants for a pleasant bike ride are also different from bike shorts for mountain biking. If you’d like to wear your pants on the way to work, you probably have special wishes for their design.

Robust, functional and sustainable: outdoor pants from VAUDE

Our outdoor pants for women, men and children are not only popular because of their functionality. They also contribute to environmental protection. The materials that we use are robust and functional. Depending on the pants model, they protect against rain, wind, UV radiation or mosquitoes. But their durability is not the only thing that makes our outdoor pants so sustainable. The materials we use and the fair production technology also do their part. The rigorous VAUDE Green Shape sustainability seal stands for sustainable production and functional products. Find out more about Green Shape. Partially or fully recycled materials preserve our Earth – to make the future greener. Find out more about recycling materials.

After a successful adventure, you should remove the mud and sweat from your pants. Find tips on how to care for and clean your outdoor products here.