Dualflex - sneaker for cycling

Dualflex - sneaker for bike commuting

The bike shoe with Dualflex sole technology is a perfect combination of sneaker and bike shoe. The urban bike shoe is comfortable when walking and powerful on the pedal and therefore perfect for bike commuters and all those who are on the move in the city - with and without a bike.

  • The innovative sole construction stiffens when pressure is applied downwards (pedaling) and gives way when the forefoot rolls (walking).
  • 200% more power on the pedal than conventional sports shoes and 60% softer than conventional cycling shoes
  • Outsole with perfect grip on asphalt and the pedal

Eco friendly cycling sneakers for men

  1. Asfalt Dualflex Nature Radschuhe Fahrradpendeln
    Asfalt Dualflex Natur cycling shoes commuting

    PVC free material

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping free delivery
  2. Asfalt Dualflex Winter STX Radschuhe Fahrradpendeln
    Asfalt Dualflex winter STX cycling shoes commuting

    Waterproof and breathable without PFC

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping free delivery
  3. Asfalt Dualflex Radschuhe Fahrradpendeln
    Asfalt Dualflex cycling shoes commuting

    Certified leather

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping free delivery
  4. Asfalt Tech Dualflex Radschuhe Fahrradpendeln
    Asfalt Tech Dualflex cycling shoes commuting

    With recycled material

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping free delivery