Functional underwear

Functional underwear for men

Experience ultimate comfort with our sustainably produced functional underwear for men, made with high-quality merino wool. Our eco-friendly collection not only offers you the benefits of functional clothing, but also the comfort and performance of natural materials

Functional and thermal underwear for men

  1. Monviso Merino Langarm Halfzip T-Shirt Herren
    Monviso merino long sleeve halfzip T-shirt men’s

    from certified wool

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  2. Monviso Merino Langarm T-Shirt Herren
    Monviso merino long sleeve T-shirt men’s

    from certified wool

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  3. Monviso 3/4 Tights Herren
    Monviso 3/4 tights men's

    from certified wool

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VAUDE underwear

Your second skin: VAUDE’s underwear

Functional underwear is one of the most important pieces of equipment outdoor fans need on their adventures and should definitely be included in your luggage. In this respect, it doesn’t matter whether you are planning to tour icy regions or warmer areas; functional underwear is a must in almost all weather conditions. It also doesn’t matter what you sport is – whether mountain biking, skiing, hiking or mountaineering – VAUDE functional underwear provides reliable protection whichever outdoor activity you pursue.

VAUDE favours the functional underwear made by Seamless. Thanks to a high fabric quality and careful finishing, these products offer optimum functionality and extreme comfort, even if your tour includes longer periods of supreme effort.

Functional underwear for women and men

VAUDE stocks the right functional underwear for both sexes. All products in the range perfectly match the respective build. Whether shorts, pants, short- or long-sleeved shirt or vest, all Seamless products stocked by VAUDE are guaranteed to fit perfectly and do not restrict your movements in any way as you pursue your chosen outdoor activity – not least thanks to the close-fitting and comfortable stretch fabrics they are made of.

You must be able to rely on your functional underwear, especially on challenging excursions. In this respect, it doesn’t matter whether you have decided to jog to the office every day or whether you plan to cross the Alps on your mountain bike. Reliable fabric properties are hugely important and are therefore the top priority of VAUDE’s Seamless functional clothing.

Smart fabric performance and outstanding insulation

As an outdoor fan, you are bound to know just how quickly the cold can cause your body temperature to fall to dangerous levels and how important it therefore is to protect yourself against inclement weather conditions. Sweat and cold air are a particularly dangerous combination you should never underestimate. VAUDE Seamless functional underwear offers optimum protection in such weather conditions as it not only keeps your body warm but also guides perspiration away from the body. As functional underwear is so close-fitting, you can also easily wear several layers of clothing on top, for example a pullover and a softshell jacket. You are therefore making use of the so-called “onion effect”, an excellent way to protect yourself against hypothermia. Should the temperature rise, you can, depending on your own comfort level, simply take off one or several layers – you are therefore extremely flexible and in a position to immediately respond to any eventuality. Many of the products in our functional underwear range also feature anatomically designed knitted areas that ensure additional thermoregulation and ventilation.

However, our functional underwear is not only the perfect companion in when things get cold, it is also ideal for activities in warmer regions or during the hotter seasons. Even if you are perspiring heavily, it will quickly and reliably guide the resultant moisture away from your body, and your sweat will simply evaporate. This means that your clothing stays comfortably dry at all times.

VAUDE Seamless functional underwear is manufactured in a resource-efficient way using sustainable materials only, all of which have excellent functional properties. Our products not only contain particularly warming and odourless merino wool but also polyamide fibres. These not only dry quickly, they are also extremely lightweight and are therefore recommended for all outdoor activities that call for a lot of physical effort.