Vêtements Outdoor avec RDS Duvet

When temperatures outside get icy, just wearing simple outerwear is no longer enough. An additional layer of insulation provides the necessary protection in extreme conditions. What’s especially popular with outdoor enthusiasts? Functional items of clothing with down filling – they are lightweight but provide excellent insulation.


Unfortunately, down items are often produced in conditions that are anything but humane. Cruel practices such as live plucking and the production of foie gras are part of everyday life on many poultry farms. In order to absolutely rule out any possibility of animal cruelty in its production, VAUDE now only uses certified RDS down in its sleeping bags and clothing. All down articles come from animals that are raised humanely and thorough checks are made throughout the whole supply chain.

Down as a natural filler

For optimum protection in extreme conditions, nature itself provides the best remedy. As well as being a pure, natural product, down also has insulating properties that are second to none. No other filling keeps you as warm or is as light and flexible as the fluffy under plumage of waterfowl. There are up to 2 million tiny strands of down in each down article. These strands are interlocked to form a thick, natural layer of insulation.

At VAUDE you'll find high-quality outdoor jackets, vests and down sleeping bags with RDS down from selected suppliers. The best word to describe our down jackets is featherweight ‒ they are the ideal functional clothing for serious mountaineers. Our down sleeping bags are impressively lightweight, too. They also compact to a small size for transportation.

VAUDE sleeping bags and clothing with RDS down

Sustainability and animal welfare are at the top of our agenda. We aim to provide you with high-quality outdoor clothing, for which no animal has had to suffer needlessly. For this reason, VAUDE now only uses certified RDS down in all its sleeping bags and clothing. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is the most comprehensive global standard for down and it is monitored by the non-profit organisation Textile Exchange.

The RDS symbol guarantees a thoroughly controlled supply chain, from the egg through to the finished down product. Our suppliers are bluesign system partners, whose down processing has been tested to ensure it has low emission rates and conserves resources. The RDS down used by VAUDE comes from animals that are raised humanely, where practices such as live plucking or foie gras are expressly prohibited. This provides the assurance that certified farms follow good animal welfare practices when rearing, keeping and slaughtering their animals. It also guarantees a thoroughly controlled process that goes right back to the parent animal farm.

Down or synthetic fibres ‒ what provides better insulation?

VAUDE uses both natural RDS down and man-made fibre fillings as insulation, because both materials have very different characteristics and benefits. This means that when it comes to outdoor clothing, we can offer you precisely the right kind of functional clothing that will best equip you for any adventure.

Natural goose down and duck down provide a 100% natural insulation material that is light as a feather and has excellent insulating properties. These down products are particularly well-suited to activities where you would rather not to take a lot with you. However, down is also very sensitive ‒ especially to moisture. This is why we use down as a filling for clothing that is worn when it is cold and dry.

If it gets wet and miserable, the best type of filling for you will be a synthetic fibre filling. Synthetic fibres are very easy to maintain and they continue to provide insulation, even when they are wet. That said, they do weigh more than a down filling. However, to keep your pack weight as low as possible, VAUDE uses innovative materials with high insulation performance for all synthetic fillings.