Child carriers

Children's carriers

VAUDE's environmentally friendly child carriers, made of pollutant-free materials, are the perfect choice for the child and also for the parents when the ergonomically correct and at the same time comfortable carrying method is the top priority. The baby carriers and child carriers were developed together with parents and babywearing advisors.

Sustainable child carriers

  1. Sun-Raincover - Kindertrage Sonnen- und Regendach
    Sun-Raincover - Child carrier sun and rain protection

    With recycled material

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping free delivery
  2. Amare Babytrage
    Amare baby carrier

    With hemp fibers

    Incl. VAT, plus shipping free delivery

What should I look for in a child carrier?

The new Amare baby carrier

VAUDE child carriers

Bring your kids along on every adventure – VAUDE child carriers

Are you just as passionate about outdoor life as you are about being a parent? You are probably asking if it is possible to combine both roles. The answer is a clear “yes.” Indeed, much more: children have much more fun when participating in outdoor activities. You always have your children with you and can explore exciting mountain paths and idyllic landscapes with them. Only one question remains: How can you connect young kids and outdoor activities? VAUDE has the answer. We provide child carriers that ensure the necessary comfort for your young children. Regardless of how challenging the path is, you can carry your child on your back and know that they are optimally secured. Just like a typical outdoor backpack , a child carrier from VAUDE also features impressive equipment and quality. This means we can guarantee that your child will sit comfortably and securely, and you will also benefit from outstanding carrying comfort.

Child carrier as the optimal means of transport

A child carrier from VAUDE is suitable for children from one to three years or up to a specific height and weight limit. Our models impress users with their optimal comfort. Your child will love the raised seating position of a back carrier and can look around with amazement at nature – you can’t offer your child a better view. Of course safety is the priority when transporting children. For this reason, VAUDE child carriers are equipped with many standards in order to ensure safe, reliable carrying capacity. For example, a modern, padded back structure and weight-relieving hip pads offer a comfortable, solid seat for your toddler that you will particularly appreciate on rough terrain. Variably adjustable foot straps provide additional stability and prevent your child’s feet from falling asleep. A safety belt ensures that your child cannot fall out or try to leave the child carrier on their own while you walk up a stony, steep mountain path.

Child carriers and their equipment

Alongside the safety of the child, comfort for the person carrying them is important. Certain VAUDE child carriers can accommodate a body weight of up to 18 kg. To relieve the straps, a reliable strap system that is at least as good as that of a high-quality trekking backpack is required. VAUDE offers two different systems: mesh back construction and body-contact back system. Both systems have their advantages, including different ventilation properties that in the ideal case, you should experience for yourself. Additional hip fins optimally distribute the weight of the child carrier across your entire upper body and relieve your shoulders. Adventures outdoors often present challenges even if children are not present. To ensure that everything goes smoothly when your children are along, you need to have equipment like diapers, food or toys. Since the child carrier makes it impossible to stow such equipment in a backpack, VAUDE child carriers have enough pockets for you to stow it. One additional highlight: Our child carriers have a base, making it possible to set them down on the ground quickly and safely when you need a break.