Yaras Zip-Off Pants: Cycling Pants From Recycled Tires

• Zip-off pants from recycled tires
• Abrasion-resistant, high-stretch material
• Multifunctional and easily adjustable

When it comes to cycling pants, flexibility is everything – you never know what the weather will throw at you next. The Yaras Zip-Off Pants are an all-season garment and can quickly adapt to the elements. The environmentally friendly pants use polyamide made from recycled tires – a revolution on the textile market.

Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family

Discarded car tires are difficult to recycle and have typically been incinerated or sent to the landfill. But now VAUDE and BASF have developed a chemical process to produce polyamide fabric from the rubber.

This environmentally friendly, robust material is perfect for cycling pants, where abrasion-resistance and long life is key.

As flexible as cycling itself

Parents everywhere will know the drill – no sooner has the bike ride begun than the little ones start to get too warm. But it’s only a matter of time before the weather cools off and they start to feel chilly again. Kids Yaras Stretch Zip-Off Pants are the answer. This innovative garment redefines flexibility. 

Like the adult version, they are made from skin-friendly, high-stretch recycled material and feature inner shorts with a chamois for maximum comfort on long bike rides. With the inner shorts removed, they are also ideal for trekking or general summer wear. The Kids Yaras Zip-Off Pants are a true market pioneer – the first zip-off cycling pants for children.

For the whole family 

No need for mom and dad to feel left out – the Women’s and Men’s Yaras Zip-Off Pants offer all the same benefits as the Kids Yaras Stretch ZO Pants.  

Thanks to their elastane content, the Yaras Zip-Off Pants feel comfortably stretchy and offer a high degree of flexibility. Whether you’re off for a quick ice cream on a hot summer’s day or enjoying a long family bike ride, they never let you down.  

The Yaras Zip-Off Pants are not just for cycling. They are also ideal for bike & hike tours, walking or even kindergarten. 

All-round sustainability

The Yaras Series is made from recycled polyamide, which is just as resilient, fast-drying and high-performance as conventional polyamide derived from crude oil – but far more environmentally friendly.