William Cochet

Born: 1985

Hometown: Présilly, Haute Savoie

Favourite place: Aneto, Pyrénées, spanish side

Goals: awake consciousness


  •  JADIS, Looking Backward
  • Antagonist
  • Bioskieur TV Best Of
  • Paradisio
  • Le Flocon Vert

Live in symbiosis with nature and understand why humanity is going wrong are the most important things in my life! Through my farming and skiing life style, my motto is to sensibilized as much as possible about how it is possible to live more simply in 21th century. 

Skiing is for me the most incredible experience I can have in my life. When I am in local mountains, I am just in the pure beauty and I can fill how mother nature is perfect... I can also see how humanity is destroying her because human is always unsatisfy!

Today, using Vaude products is the best combination I found in outdoor equipment to reduce this part of my carbonfootprint.

William's favorite products