Simon Masi

Born: 1983

Hometown: Savoie

Favourite place: Queyras

Goals: discover as many mountainbiking place in the world


  • 1997 : I discovered and fell in love for MTB
  • 2005 : My first MTB Trial World Cup
  • 2009 : MTB instructor diploma
  • 2014 : MTB trip in Arizona
  • 2018 : Ascent of highest summit with my mountain bike : Aiguille de la Grande Sassière 3747 meters (French Alps)

"Ride and control all kind of bike : trial, enduro, e-bike, road... Keep balance, in life like on the bike !" 

I discovered mountain biking in 1997 and mastering this two-wheeled machine quickly became an obsession. So I started practicing trial mountain biking in competition. When I decided to end my racing career, my goal was to turn my passion into a job. I started to do trials shows and I passed my MTB instructor diploma. Today, I take great pleasure in helping people discover the mountains around my home on mountain bike. I want to practice my sport in a responsible and sustainable way in order to preserve the places where I ride my mountain bike. In my opinion, VAUDE is the brand that best embodies this state of mind.

Simon's favourite products