How is the best way to dress as a cyclist?

Biking is lifestyle. Whether in everyday life in the city, on the weekend on a road bike or mountain bike, on vacation on a touring bike or when graveling: The right clothing ensures the necessary comfort and optimal performance. VAUDE offers functional cycling clothing for every demand.


Functional bike clothing differs from other sportswear in many ways. The requirements depend on the respective activity. Do you prefer a body-hugging cut on the road bike or when graveling? Do you wear protectors and loose-fitting clothing because you're riding an MTB? Or do you rather need a comfortable version suitable for everyday use? According to the individual requirements, VAUDE bike textiles differ in terms of cut, materials and features.


Every piece of VAUDE clothing comes with a hangtag, which makes it easy for you to identify the activity and area of use for which the respective product is intended.

Ein Hangtag von einem Fahrrad-ProduktEin Hangtag von einem Fahrrad-Produkt
Auf der Infografik sind die verschiedenen Einsatzfelder von Fahrradprodukten zu sehen - von der Stadt zum Bike-BergsteigenAuf der Infografik sind die verschiedenen Einsatzfelder von Fahrradprodukten zu sehen - von der Stadt zum Bike-Bergsteigen

Areas of use

Whether asphalt, gravel path or single trail - depending on where you prefer to ride, you need different functional clothing. VAUDE bike clothing offers maximum comfort and protection. All details and functions as well as the fit are adapted to the respective area of use. Even e-biking fans get their money's worth with us.

All Mountain

You need the kick and enjoy feeling every muscle on a single trail? For all bike enthusiasts who are looking for fun and sporty challenge, VAUDE offers highly functional mountain bike clothing that turns every trip into an experience - no matter if you are a cross-country, enduro or mountain biker.
In the all-mountain sector, you master both climbs and descents on unpaved paths and off-road trails. The cycling shorts therefore have a seat insert as well as stretch inserts for increased comfort and optimal freedom of movement. Enduro biking is all about speeding downhill. When it comes to equipment, safety and comfort are top priority - for the best riding pleasure. The clothing is more robust, longer cut and can be combined with protectors.

Zwei Rennradler*innen in einer Serpentine mit felsigen Bergen im HintergrundZwei Rennradler*innen in einer Serpentine mit felsigen Bergen im Hintergrund

All Road

Kick it up a notch: Love to eat up miles or explore the great outdoors off the main roads? Many road cyclists and gravel bikers are looking for a challenge to switch off from the hectic daily work routine. Performance, coupled with experience and enjoyment, is the best way to keep fit and clear your head - whether solo or together with friends. Most of the time you are on paved roads and can concentrate on your performance. At higher speeds and with a sporty riding position, a close-fitting cut of the racing bike and gravel clothing is particularly important.

Eine Familie auf Fahrrädern auf einem Weg, neben dem Bäume stehenEine Familie auf Fahrrädern auf einem Weg, neben dem Bäume stehen

All Tour

You appreciate variety and are an explorer? Bike tours or day trips offer a combination of adventure, fascinating cultures and breathtaking landscapes. With frequently changing weather conditions, clothing is often subjected to a real endurance test. VAUDE bike travel products are therefore particularly robust, comfortably cut and are equipped with reflective elements.

Ein Mann und eine Frau stellen ihre Räder in einen Fahrradständer. Im Hintergrund ist ein Bus zu sehen.Ein Mann und eine Frau stellen ihre Räder in einen Fahrradständer. Im Hintergrund ist ein Bus zu sehen.

Urban Mobility

Your bike is part of your lifestyle. You use it in everyday life in the city, on the way to work, in your free time - in all weather conditions. That's exactly what VAUDE City products are made for: the clothing is suitable for everyday use and has an urban look.

The layering principle

Weather and temperatures can change quickly outdoors. The body also adapts and so the body temperature rises during exertion and drops during breaks. When doing sports, it therefore makes sense to dress in coordinated layers.

With the so-called onion principle or 3-layer principle, individual clothing layers are combined with each other and form a functional unit. Depending on the weather and personal condition, one layer can be taken off or put on: If it gets too warm, you take off a layer, if you cool down, you put something on again. For the layering principle to work, however, it is absolutely essential to use only functional textiles. In this way, moisture is optimally transported away or the air between the layers insulates again.

The following layers are distinguished:

Die innere Schicht ist orange hervorgehobenDie innere Schicht ist orange hervorgehoben

Inner layer
(base layer / first layer)

The base layer is the most important layer, as it is worn directly on the skin. From here, moisture is transported to the outside as quickly as possible to keep the body dry and prevent cooling. Functional fibers are used for the base layer, as natural fibers would lose this property when wet. In the sun and warm temperatures, people often wear only this functional layer. Many functional shirts therefore have integrated UV protection.

Die mittlere Schicht ist orange hervorgehobenDie mittlere Schicht ist orange hervorgehoben

Middle layer
(Mid Layer / second layer)

The mid layer serves to insulate body heat and to transport moisture from the inside to the outside. Several synthetic materials, such as fleece, are suitable for this purpose. These keep the body warm in cool temperatures. They retain this property even when damp and dry quickly.

Die äußere Schicht ist orange hervorgehobenDie äußere Schicht ist orange hervorgehoben

Outer layer
(Shell Layer / Outer Layer / Third Layer)

The outermost layer provides weather protection against external influences such as rain, wind or cold. Both hardshell and softshell products are suitable for this purpose. Hardshells offer maximum protection against adverse weather and are absolutely waterproof, windproof and breathable. Softshells combine weather protection with warming insulation properties. The stretch material is comfortable to wear, breathable and water repellent, but not waterproof.

For more info on cycling clothing in bad and cold weather, check out this article: What clothes do I wear for cycling in winter and rain?

Hybrid clothing

Hybrid clothing is characterized by the clever combination of different materials and their functions. A useful and very variable addition to the layering principle - especially in transitional seasons with high temperature fluctuations or changing conditions. Some of our bike parts combine insulating areas with windproof and breathable zones and thus offer the best possible weather protection while efficiently regulating the body climate. So you save an additional layer of functional clothing and are still "equipped" for all cases.

Die Ärmel sind in der Grafik rot hervorgehoben, um zu verdeutlichen, wie Hybridkonstruktionen funktionierenDie Ärmel sind in der Grafik rot hervorgehoben, um zu verdeutlichen, wie Hybridkonstruktionen funktionieren