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VAUDE dresses and skirts

Modern and casual dresses and skirts

Are you the kind of woman that likes to look well-dressed even when pursuing outdoor activities? If so, the new VAUDE online shop offers the kind of clothing that goes with your philosophy: modern and casual dresses and skirts. Each of our dresses and skirts combines several outstanding properties in one product. They not only look good and emphasise your female figure in a particularly flattering way but are also made from functional fabrics that offer reliable protection during the pursuit of outdoor adventures – regardless of whether you are looking for a quilted skirt because you just happen to want to climb the nearest mountain, or are planning to go on an extended cycling tour over comfortably flat terrain. Our dresses and skirts also share many traditional outdoor clothing features. This makes them extremely versatile and suitable for almost any outdoor activity you can think of.


VAUDE dresses and skirts: good-looking and modern

We at VAUDE are of course aware of the fact that all women care very much about the look and cut of their clothing. For this reason, our online shop offers a wide selection of different dresses and skirts. You are bound to find something that suits your individual taste here. Exciting and cheeky colours are combined with classic designs that you will certainly be able to wear for many years to come, thanks to their timeless character. Now, next question: are you looking for a skirt to wear on your next hiking trip or for a smart casual dress for next summer? The choice is yours, because you will find both at VAUDE!

We stock a range of skirts that are the perfect companions on any kind of outdoor adventure yet also emphasise your femininity in a particular way. Besides looking at our quilted skirts, which are easy and quick to put on over ordinary trousers, you should definitely also consider one of our amazing stretch skirts. Our “skorts” are certainly one of our shop's highlights. They look like a mini skirt but are as comfortable as a pair of shorts – because they actually are two-in-one!

A VAUDE sportswear dress is the perfect outfit for any kind of leisure time activity during the hot season. Our summer dresses are airy and comfortable, yet look sophisticated and elegant – the perfect choice for almost any occasion.


Premium quality fabrics for outstanding functionality

As already mentioned, our skirts and dresses are just as good as traditional outdoor clothing in terms of functionality. Premium quality functional fabrics ensure that they overcome any challenge. And, our clothing not only offers protection against the cold but also deals reliably with perspiration. This means that it stays comfortable to wear at all times.

We are particularly proud of the fact that our skirts and dresses have justly been awarded the “bluesign®” and “green shape” quality labels. Both stand for ultimate environmental compatibility, a high level of consumer protection and safe working conditions and guarantee that our products are not just made from sustainable fabrics but also that they have been manufactured in a resource-friendly way. VAUDE dresses and skirts therefore also reflect a pro-environmental attitude.