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Hey man, you'll find more than just clothes here - our sweaters, hoodies and shirts for men are not only stylish, but also sustainably produced. With environmentally friendly materials, we focus on quality that is good for both you and nature.

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As a fan of outdoor sports, you expect a lot from your clothing. You choose knitwear and sweatshirts that are durable and robust, comfortable and well-cut and made from high quality, extremely absorbent fabrics. Whether on a cycling tour or when climbing, the right clothing increases the outdoor sport fun factor and perfectly adapts to all challenges.


A knitted pullover is a functional all-rounder

When mountaineering or climbing, a thick, warm jacket can soon become cumbersome, and its zips or pockets may get in the way. But you can’t do without a long-sleeved warm top up in the mountains, when the cold wind hits you and makes you shiver. VAUDE’s knitted ladies’ pullovers are comfortable leisure time wear that is also perfect for outdoor sports in mountain conditions. Breathability and room to move are two of the most important features of our knitwear. A warm knitted pullover is a must on cold days and also feels cosy. You can also find men’s knitwear for your next trip in our shop. Women, men or kids – everyone needs a warm pullover as it is the perfect alternative to a jacket and meets all sporting requirements. Pullovers for outdoor fans are made from durable and long-lasting materials to ensure that you can enjoy them for a long time to come, which also makes them eco-friendly. A tight-fitting pullover is a good idea for most outdoor sports as it prevents you from catching your clothing somewhere, which might be dangerous. Thanks to our wide choice of different colours and materials, you are bound to find the pullover that’s right for you in our online shop.

You don’t hang back when you pursue your sport, so of course you’ll start to sweat at some stage. Worn as a second layer, an outdoor sweatshirt or a hoody can handle the situation for you. The fabric’s high absorbency protects your body reliably against moisture from perspiration, thereby ensuring a good body climate. Our range of clothing has light sweatshirts for ladies in various colours as well as sweatshirts for men to offer. We also stock sweatshirts suitable for sports activities for younger outdoor fans. On cold days, a fleece sweatshirt is the perfect second layer below a jacket to keep nice and warm. Whether on cycling tours or mountain hikes, on climbing tours or on a skiing holiday, and also when camping or on tours lasting several days – VAUDE sweatshirts are the right choice of multifunctional clothing. Sweatshirts are perfect for a wide range of outdoor sports and the ideal completion of your outfit of light trousers and the right outdoor shoes.