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A rain jacket for men must not only be waterproof, but also meet numerous other requirements depending on the type of sport. When hiking, cycling or winter sports, it protects you from precipitation and wind, at the same time it must offer sufficient freedom of movement. All VAUDE men's rain jackets are made of environmentally friendly and robust materials, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

Eco friendly rain jackets for men

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How do i repair rainwear?

How do I wash, dry and waterproof?

Men’s rain coats: Protection against wind and weather!

Waterproof, breathable and windproof – these are all things a reliable men’s rain coat needs to be. Come rain, snow or humid weather, it keeps the body dry. Whether on a bike, in the mountains, on a trip or in everyday life – if you like to be outside, you're bound to get wet now and again. A suitable men's rain jacket by VAUDE offers active, fresh-air fans reliable weather protection, even in extreme conditions.

For the mountains or for everyday life: Rain jackets for all eventualities

Men's rain jackets have to meet different requirements: they can be worn by commuters on their way to work, by mountain bikers, on racing bikes and in everyday life. A men's rain jacket is also a must-have in an adventurous mountain sportsman's backpack. In summer, when hiking or trail running, a light rain jacket helps maintain a comfortable body temperature, while in winter and up at altitude when mountaineering or ski touring, it needs to keep you very warm.

What makes a good men's rain jacket?

The requirements for a men's rain jacket are as varied as its intended use. Ambitious athletes prefer a breathable, water-repellent rain jacket that keeps the body well-ventilated at all times. Moisture must be transported away from the body and at the same time, the jacket should dry quickly. Mountain sports enthusiasts appreciate a compact packing size so that it can fit in any backpack. What’s just as important is that your men's rain coat provides enough freedom of movement. When hiking with poles or on a via ferrata, the arms must be able to move freely.
Mountain bikers, racing cyclists and bicycle commuters in particular need a men's rain jacket with reflective trims or in neon colours so that they are easily visible in the dark. Reflective prints also ensure more visibility in everyday life. Everyday rain coats for men are also stylish and add the finishing touch to urban outfits.

Sustainable, eco-friendly men’s rain jackets

VAUDE rain jackets for men are eco-friendly and fairly produced: sustainable production methods using partially recycled materials protect our planet. That is what our stringent VAUDE Green Shape sustainability label stands for: functional, sustainable products. Find out more about Green Shape.

Our men's rain coats are manufactured in a resource-friendly way thanks to the bluesign® system – plus most of our rain jackets carry the German government's Green button .

Breathable and water-repellent rain coats

VAUDE men's rain jackets feature an eco-friendly Eco Finish. In other words, the outer material is water-repellent and the rain rolls off. Eco Finish is free from environmentally harmful fluorocarbons (PFCs) and helps keep the environment clean.

Ceplex membrane: What is a Ceplex membrane?

Membranes ensure that a rain jacket is 100% water-repellent, windproof and breathable all at the same time. A membrane is a semi-permeable plastic film that is bonded into the material of the rain jacket. Drops of water do not get in and the body's moisture can escape to the outside. For Ceplex membranes, VAUDE employs eco-friendly membranes made of PE (polyester) or PU (polyurethane), which do not contain harmful PFCs. Find out more about our Ceplex membranes.

What does ‘water column’ mean?

All VAUDE men’s rain jackets with Ceplex membranes withstand a water column of at least 10,000 mm or more. The water column provides information about the water resistance of a fabric and is expressed in millimetres. According to the DIN standard, a material is considered waterproof if it has a water column of 1,300 mm or more. For the measurement, the fabric is stretched and clamped under a measuring cylinder with a diameter of 10 centimetres and the cylinder is then filled with water. The water column refers to the limit at which the water begins to push through the material drop by drop.

How to wash and care for rain jackets properly

Heavy soiling can usually be brushed off, but after intensive use, rain coats often need to be washed. A membrane cannot be washed out, but there are a few points to consider when washing and looking after rain jackets:

Close all fasteners before washing
Follow the instructions on the care label
Do not use fabric softener or bleach
Tumble dry at a low temperature

If the water no longer rolls off properly after washing, it may need to be rewaterproofed. A special waterproofing spray can be used to ensure that rain jackets remain water-repellent. You can also spray them with a waterproofing spray before outdoor activities in extreme conditions. 
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