Spare Parts

Spare parts

Spare parts for your outdoor equipment allow for easy and cost-effective repair of damaged or worn parts. This not only extends the durability of the equipment, but also reduces the environmental impact by reducing waste and the need to buy new products. You can find the appropriate repair instructions in our know-how section.

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VAUDE spare parts for your outdoor equipment

Even if you are extremely careful when handling your equipment and we work with particularly robust materials at VAUDE, you might lose pieces of it or something can break. In this case, the sustainable thing to do is repair your backpack or bike bag using spare parts from VAUDE. Give your equipment a particularly long life and contribute to environmental protection at the same time.

If something is missing or breaks: this is a case for VAUDE spare parts

Maybe this has happened to you: Your trekking backpack has already hiked across many mountains and through every kind of weather with you – and at some point, the backpack crashes onto a rock and a buckle breaks. Or you are a passionate bikepacker and transport all of your equipment on your bicycle – until suddenly a piece of the attachment is missing. When it comes to our VAUDE products, we focus on robust, high-quality materials for a long service life. After all, this is part of our understanding of sustainability. If your VAUDE product ends up with a defect, you will find VAUDE spare parts for backpacks, bike bags and much more.

We want you to experience things with our products! Cumulative elevation gain on foot or by bike, wind and storms in your tent, strenuous ski tours or exciting backpacking trips in faraway countries: outdoors on the go is the best place to be. Maybe people can tell that you are outdoors a lot by the appearance of your equipment. But if you have more than visual defects like stains or scratches and something gets broken, you’ll need our VAUDE spare parts. 

Spare parts for your VAUDE backpack

The classic defect for much-loved backpacks? A broken buckle. Luckily, spare parts like buckles and closures can easily be replaced with our VAUDE backpack spare parts. Since things like this tend to happen when you’re on the go in an isolated place, we recommend always having the right spare buckle in your backpack to ensure that its contents can be stowed as usual. You will also find whole chest or hip belts as spare parts for your VAUDE backpack .

Spare parts for VAUDE bike bags

Bike bags typically have to deal with a variety of things: transporting bags from the grocery store, accompanying you to work every day or riding over hill and dale with you on exciting biking adventures. On the way, your bike bags often land on the ground, on stones and suffer along with you when you fall. But the material of your bike bags will not always be subjected to high stress and dramatic events. You want to fasten your bike bags and ride away, but the fastening material is incomplete. If you need spare parts for VAUDE bike bag like holders, straps or the right repair material, you will find them here.

VAUDE spare parts for your sustainable outdoor equipment

Tents also have to deal with a variety of things. Gusty winds, heavy rainfall and normal wear also have an impact on robust material after several years. And sometimes tent pegs, etc. simply disappear. If tent poles have gotten bent out of shape, the outer shell has a hole or seams are opening, our VAUDE spare parts will help you fix the problem. 

To us, products are not only sustainable because they are manufactured from environmentally friendly, primarily recycled materials. They must also have a particularly long service life. This is why we have a wide selection of spare parts for VAUDE backpacks, bike bags, tents and more in our online shop.

To ensure that your VAUDE products last for a long time and remain functional, you will find tips on care and repair here.