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Discover here the environmentally friendly manufactured laptop bags from VAUDE in high quality and chic design. The laptop bags, also called notebook bags, are perfect companions on the way to work, university or school.

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VAUDE laptop bags – sustainable and stylish

Laptops are everywhere these days. On trains, on planes, in cafés – everywhere you go you’ll come across someone with a laptop busily working away, reading the latest news or watching a film. But all this equipment also needs to be transported safely. With one of our sustainable laptop bags, you’ll be perfectly kitted out.

Laptop shoulder bags for the environmentally conscious

A laptop bag must be capable of one thing above all: it must reliably protect your laptop against environmental influences, drops and other dangers. If you value high quality, a sleek design and materials that are as durable as they are sustainable, VAUDE is the right choice for you. With high-quality design and an availability of variety of colours, our fashionable messenger laptop bags stand out from the rest. To achieve this, we focus on eco-friendly materials and an appealing design. We offer laptop bags made from materials such as recycled PET and organic plastic. Look out for the VAUDE Green Shape label: it indicates that the product was manufactured in an eco-friendly way. It also means only materials that are safe for both the environment and people are used. Additionally, the Fair Wear label shows you that we are committed to ensuring fair working conditions in all production facilities.

VAUDE laptop bags – the perfect companion for your commute

Our laptop bags are perfectly adapted to the challenges of everyday life. A well-padded interior laptop compartment ensures optimal protection, while the individually adjustable shoulder straps guarantee comfortable carrying even on longer journeys. In terms of functionality, our laptop models are hard to beat. The laptop compartment is further complemented by numerous practical storage options such as a pen holder, mobile phone pocket or front outer pocket. This not only allows you to organise the contents of your bag to perfection but you can also spare yourself the need for a second bag for everyday items such as your keys, smartphone or wallet. The layout of the individual compartments is designed so that you can arrange your items in the best possible way and find them again with ease. You can store laptops up to 13.3" or 15.6", depending on the size of the bag.

Superior protection factor and maximum wearing comfort

In one of our bags, your laptop will be protected against all eventualities and dangers. A padded inner compartment ensures optimal cushioning against the damaging impact of a fall, and a tough outer membrane protects your work gear from precipitation or humidity. The laptop bags are water-repellent or even waterproof, plus no environmentally harmful perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are used at all. Eco Finish keeps your bag and laptop protected from the rain – the raindrops simply roll off. Smart zips and additional buckles keep your belongings safe from unwanted access.
Along with maximum protection, our laptop bags are designed to be comfortable to carry. You’ll appreciate the comfort of carrying it over your shoulder and back, especially on long walks to work, school or university. The backs of the laptop bags are extra padded for this purpose and adjustable carrying straps ensure a comfortable fit even when fully loaded. VAUDE stands for functional products made from sustainable materials. Brighten up your day with our practical and spacious laptop shoulder bags!