Ski touring Backpacks

Ski touring backpacks

Eco-friendly manufactured and highly functional ski touring backpacks are the perfect choice for ski touring enthusiasts who both care about their environment and need high functionality. These backpacks are made from sustainable materials and offer practical features such as ski racks and waterproof pockets to meet all ski touring needs.

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VAUDE ski touring backpacks

Ski touring backpacks for maximum safety and comfortable winter pleasure

Skiing is one of the world’s most popular winter sports. Are you an experienced skier who loves the special atmosphere of snowy, idyllic mountain landscapes, freshly groomed slopes in the morning or the challenge of deep powder? If so, you must be looking forward to your next adventure on skis or a snowboard. To be as ready as possible for the backcountry, a VAUDE ski touring backpack is a must. With our glove-compatible models, you can carry what you need on your back and have it within reach at all times. Our ski touring backpacks are designed with Alpine conditions in mind and offer reliable protection against precipitation and the cold for your equipment. They also have practical extensions like ski and snowboard holders at the sides. Thanks to their wide functional spectrum, our models are also ideal for other types of winter activities.

Ski touring backpacks for maximum safety

Again and again, skiers and mountain climbers are confronted with avalanches and other dangers in the mountains. In this risky environment, a ski touring backpack provides welcome support for preparing for eventual dangers. The backpack has plenty of space for probes, avalanche transceivers and avalanche shovels inside and in the worst case, they are immediately within reach.

Fans of pristine slopes in particular should make no compromises and always set out with a ski touring backpack to be able to quickly react to possible sources of danger. The easily accessible safety compartment of VAUDE ski touring backpacks offer sufficient space for the necessary equipment. For example, it is big enough to accommodate an avalanche shovel!

VAUDE Ski touring backpack features

A ski touring backpack must ensure maximum flexibility and reliable protection against the harsh weather conditions in the backcountry and mountains. To provide these properties, VAUDE ski touring backpacks rely on the interplay of a range of individual components. First, many of our models are made from a highly abrasion resistant outer material called “Cordura.” In many tests, the material has proven its extreme level of resistance against tensile forces and abrasion. It is up to 10 times more resistant than cotton and twice as durable as standard nylon, ensuring optimal protection in case of falls and against external environmental influences.

The carrying comfort of your ski touring backpack is also a decisive feature. As a rule, you will be carrying the backpack on your back for a period of several hours. Therefore, a VAUDE ski touring backpack has adjustable straps that enable it to be optimally adapted to your physical build. Adjustable hip belts increase its flexibility. In the Alpine area, VAUDE relies on a body-contact back system that ensures the optimal distribution of weight. Thanks to various adjustable straps, you can ideally adjust the center of gravity of your ski touring backpack at any time.

Its well-designed closure systems and flat form enable you to pack it quickly and conveniently – even if you are wearing gloves. You will also find several compartments on the inside of a VAUDE ski touring backpack. They are suitable for a range of equipment and many models even have a padded compartment for ski goggles and sunglasses. The extraordinary design of our VAUDE ski touring backpack is rounded out by holders and fastening systems on the outside. You can use them to fasten anything from skis or a snowboard to a helmet and ice pick to your backpack.