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Sympatex functional fabric

Do you actively pursue outdoor sports and therefore expect a lot from your clothing, which has to protect you against the wind and the cold but should also be comfortable to wear? Then the functional fabric Sympatex, which VAUDE also sells, represents a solution that does everything that is expected of outdoor clothing and accessories.

Sympatex – comfortable to wear in bad weather

Sympatex is a patented polymer formula for a membrane technology that has been used since as long ago as 1986 to make fabrics and other materials wind- and waterproof but also ensures breathability. This is especially important for the clothing industry as, for example, a jacket that protects reliably against rain usually also prevents perspiration from escaping. The result is that you start to sweat faster as the air can’t circulate; the lining becomes damp, making the jacket uncomfortable to wear, and the risk of catching a cold increases. The application of Sympatex membranes to outdoor clothing results in clothing that absorbs moisture and directs it away from the body. This not only keeps you dry but also ensures that you feel comfortable in your outfit in all weathers or whenever you physically exert yourself.

A versatile product range whose numerous properties are utterly convincing

VAUDE focuses on the needs of people who exercise mainly outdoors in the fresh air and want to be able to pursue their activities in all weathers. For this reason, the Sympatex membrane products are primarily designed for mountaineers, skiers, hikers, campers and cyclists. VAUDE stocks a comprehensive range of outdoor clothing with a Sympatex membrane that is not only water- and windproof as well as breathable but also suitable for all ages, thanks to its fashionable design and perfect fit. Regardless of whether you are planning a trip that will take several days, a mountain bike tour or a climbing jaunt, VAUDE stocks everything from functional clothing such as trousers, jackets, shoes and kids fashion to small and family-sized tents and special accessories for covering backpacks etc..The most outstanding characteristic shared by all of these products is the fact that they feature fully recyclable membranes that equal a compact, long-lived hydrophilic system. They have elastic properties and can be stretched by up to 300 percent. The membrane is made of a non-harmful copolymer that includes polyester and polyether. As it has no pores, it is also easy to keep clean and dirt repellent. It offers excellent protection against viruses, bacteria and body fluids, and the fabric as such is resistant against numerous chemicals. Another property is the thermal protection it offers, as it reliably keeps the cold out. Sympatex membranes are 100 percent PTFE-free. Sympatex membranes are bluesign® certified, which indicates a high level of consumer and environmental protection.

VAUDE'S range of Sympatex membranes

Sympatex is available in a choice of three different versions, each designed to meet different demands.A Sympatex Moisture Tech membrane adds optimum functionality to all shoes. The VAUDE outdoor shoes with this membrane feature an innovative and waterproof laminated lining that perfects the microclimate inside the shoe. As a middle layer, this laminated lining quickly absorbs moisture and reliably guides vapour to the outside. The range of products stocked by VAUDE that feature the Sympatex Performance version of this functional system includes outdoor clothing as well as shoes and accessories. The membranes consist of environmentally-compatible membranes that can withstand at least 35,000mm of hydrostatic head and therefore offer reliable protection against rain.Sympatex Windmaster generally provides perfect protection against the strong winds encountered in a variety of terrains. Whether worn as workwear, for outdoor sports or during your leisure time, VAUDE’s all-round windproof clothing will keep even the strongest winds away from your body.

Sympatex functional fabric Do you actively pursue outdoor sports and therefore expect a lot from your clothing, which has to protect you against the wind and the cold but should also be... read more »
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