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VAUDE Wins Environmental Award for Businesses

Award for corporate environmental commitment

On December 4, the German mountain sports supplier VAUDE was recognized with the “Environmental Award for Businesses 2018”. At the official award ceremony in the Neuen Schloss in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg's Environment Minister, Franz Untersteller, presented the prestigious award to Antje von Dewitz, VAUDE CEO, and her colleagues. "We are delighted to receive this distinguished award, as it serves to encourage companies to join efforts in the face of major global challenges. It is important to us to show that sustainable management not only works, but is also a critical factor towards success and the future," Antje von Dewitz stated. VAUDE won the award in the category "Industrial businesses with more than 250 employees". VAUDE will use the €10,000 award money for future corporate environmental protection measures. "With our award, we honor companies that provide inspiration and implement ideas for environmentally friendly business practices," as the Minister said. "In this way, award winners will also show other businesses the opportunities that exist in aligning their operational processes and economic success with the conservation of natural resources".

With this award, the Ministry of the Environment honors companies for outstanding achievements in corporate environmental protection and for exemplary environment-oriented company management. The jury is made up of representatives from business organizations, environmental and nature conservation associations, the trade union, research institutes and state ministries. The prize, endowed with a total of 60,000 euros, was awarded in six categories. "All 18 nominated companies and award winners are role models. They demonstrate impressively entrepreneurial courage and ecological responsibility," said the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Energy. "I hope that as many companies as possible in Baden-Württemberg will see these companies as an example and become even more involved in environmental and climate protection, use energy as sparingly and efficiently as possible, and conserve natural resources".

VAUDE is honored for its sustainable business management

VAUDE has been committed to a comprehensive sustainability strategy for years. In this way, the family-run business has succeeded in anchoring sustainability throughout all areas of the company. In 2008, VAUDE was the first company in the outdoor industry to introduce the European Environmental Management System EMAS. All energy consumption is recorded and evaluated annually in order to identify targets and measures for continuous reduction. VAUDE has its own photovoltaic system and only uses electricity from renewable sources. In addition, the company headquarters near Lake Constance have been climate neutral since 2012. All emissions generated by the company are recorded, systematically reduced, and offset by climate protection projects of the non-profit organization myclimate.

With Green Shape, VAUDE has developed its own strict and transparent evaluation standards for environmentally friendly and fair products, covering the entire life cycle of a product - from design and production, to care, repair and recycling.
94 % of the apparel collection already meets the Green Shape standards. VAUDE is also committed to high environmental and social standards throughout its global supply chain.

VAUDE proves that companies can make an important contribution to addressing global environmental issues and be economically successful as well. VAUDE has been growing at an above-average rate for years in a highly competitive outdoor market.

Environmental award for businesses

The environmental award was presented annually from 1993, and has been awarded very two years since 2002. The award winners are exemplary companies that have established new ideas and approaches for sustainable economic development. To do this, participants must meet a broad spectrum of requirements ranging from ecological corporate management to resource-conserving business operations. The development of environmentally friendly products is also an important criterion for the award.

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