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VAUDE as expert for sustainable products at Greenpeace

“Forever Yours” – a comprehensive concept for long lasting products

At the invitation of Greenpeace, the outdoor manufacturer VAUDE presented its concept for sustainable and long-lasting products to an international audience of experts. At the Greenpeace event „Fashion at the Crossroads“ on September 18 in Milan, the NGO presented its new study focusing on „Circularity“ and called on the fashion industry to design its products for a longer life. VAUDE was praised as a company engaging in best practices. VAUDE CSR Manager, Hilke Patzwall, presented VAUDE’s successful commitment to product longevity and detailed how it is working on a comprehensive concept against the throw-away mentality of the fashion industry.

“In addition to eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, we are also working hard in the direction of ‘slow fashion’.” said Hilke Patzwall, who presented highlights from the company’s practices to an international audience of experts and journalists at the podium debate, ‘Make it Last’.“ Our products are designed for long and intensive use. We want to provide our customers with information and an infrastructure that enables them to use our products for years,” the CSR manager continued. VAUDE has recently launched the campaign ‘Forever Yours’: A product’s lifespan determines its ecological footprint, and the user has a decisive influence on this lifespan.

In its most recent Sustainability Report VAUDE offers its customers easy-to-implement suggestions and information on how to prolong the lifespan of their products. Instead of throwing away used clothing and gear, the functionality of a product can be maintained over the longterm with proper care and the occasional repair. Right from the beginning of the development process, VAUDE ensures its products’ longevity with high-quality materials and a timeless design. When the time eventually comes to part with a VAUDE product, a clothing donation to “FairWertung” or reselling the item at the eBay Second-Use-Shop can ensure that products continue to be used. As an alternative to purchasing new products, the VAUDE rental service “iRentit” also makes it possible to rent high-quality gear such as tents or backpacks, which are often used only rarely. This ensures that VAUDE products are put to use intensively, which is what they are designed for. Increasingly, VAUDE is also focusing on upcycling projects that keep valuable production remnant materials from ending up in the waste bin. With creative thinking, new and unique items can be created.

VAUDE takes on a pioneering role

In 2016, VAUDE signed the Greenpeace “Detox Commitment”, taking on a pioneering role in the outdoor industry. This voluntary commitment calls on the development of responsible business models in addition to eliminating the use of harmful chemicals in production process. Furthermore, VAUDE has expanded its commitment to responsible manufacturing going above and beyond the products themselves.

“Forever Yours” Campaign Online

Greenpeace „Fashion at the Crossroads”

Information on the VAUDE Detox Commitment


Photo: Enrica Arena (Co-founder of Orange Fiber), Hilke Patzwall (CSR-Manager, VAUDE), Chiara Campione (Senior Corporate Strategist, Greenpeace), Orsola De Castro (Founder and Creative Director, Fashion Revolution), Eliina Birkberg (Founder, Nudie Jeans), Pola Fendel (Cofounder, Kleiderei), Arielle Levy (Founder and director, L'herbe rouge), Yannick Vicaire (Corporate campaigner and author of the Fashion at the Croassroads report, Greenpeace).

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