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Kuro Series: Perfectly Tailored for Gravel Biking

Gravel to Travel

• Clothing series specially designed for gravel bikers
• Sustainably manufactured
• Soft, comfortable materials
• Functional gravel shoe with excellent grip

The Kuro Series offers gravel fans the perfect clothing to discover the gravel trails. The innovative Kuro FZ Tricot, Kuro Tights and Shorts and the MTB Kuro Tech shoes are perfectly tailored to the needs of gravel bikers. What is more, they are the product of eco-friendly manufacturing.

From garment design to storage options, gravel biking places special demands on equipment and clothing. The gravel-biking contingent tend to prefer sleek simplicity to bold colors, and they generally need plenty of storage space for their gear. The sport attracts young bikers for whom sustainability is a core value.

With the Kuro Series, VAUDE offers gravel bikers the perfectly tailored clothing from head to toe.

By gravel bikers for gravel bikers  
The Kuro FZ Tricot comes in women’s and men’s versions and was designed specifically with gravel fans in mind. VAUDE’s product developers have given the tricot slightly larger, slanted pockets to make it easier to get your hands inside. Zip pockets secure your valuables, and the full-length front zip helps you keep cool when the weather heats up.

The best feature of all: VAUDE’s refined material blend of recycled polyester and wool, which gives the Kuro FZ Tricot a natural look and feel. The tricots dry quickly and are soft to the touch. Gentle understatement is their hallmark – a clean design with patches of color here and there, just like the pants in the same series. The result: the Kuro gear feels just as at home in an urban environment as on the gravel trail.

A revolution in bike pants
Comfort is essential when it comes to revolutionizing bike pants. That is why VAUDE has chosen the very special SQlab Pro Performance chamois for its Men’s Kuro Bib Tights and Men’s and Women’s Kuro Tights. This chamois was developed especially for racing cyclists, who cycle at high intensity in a stretched riding position. It adds a decisive plus in comfort even on longer distances. The chamois reflects the human form: It’s wide at the back and narrow at the front for a perfect fit for the seat bones. It is also taut and thin, at just 4 mm, meaning there is no “diaper feel”. The padding is firm enough to keep its shape and doesn’t get pushed inward when you pedal. The special manufacturing process makes it breathable despite the high-density support.

The comfortable Kuro Tights, also available as Bib Tights with suspenders, feature a slide-in pocket on the side, allowing you to put something away quickly on the move without dismounting. For a more casual look, the Women’s Kuro Shorts are the perfect choice for a relaxed gravel ride.

Ready for the gravel, from head to toe
Gravel bikers don’t want to compromise on footwear either. After all, they need more grip than racing cyclists but want something lighter and more streamlined than a pure mountain bike shoe.

The MTB Kuro Tech combines the best of both worlds. From the BOA quick-release closure, which provides a secure fit while making the shoe quick to take on or off, to the outer protective toe and heel cap and the stiff sole for optimal power transmission – VAUDE’s MTB Kuro Tech combines the benefits of racing cyclists’ shoes with those of their mountain biking counterparts.

The result is a shoe model that has outstanding power transmission yet is also extremely comfortable to wear. Need to get off the bike and walk for a bit? No problem with the MTB Kuro Tech. The VAUDE Performance MTB provides maximum grip on all types of surface.
Discover the world of gravel in an eco-friendly way

The Kuro products all have one thing in common: their sustainable, environmentally friendly production. The Kuro FZ Tricot, Kuro Tights and Kuro Shorts are partly made from recycled materials, and the inner lining of the MTB Kuro Tech shoe consists entirely of recycled polyester.

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