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Down sleeping bags on the up and up

Sustainable sleep with recycled down

With the Mawees mummy sleeping bag and the versatile Kamor rectangular bag, VAUDE is placing a strong emphasis on sustainability. Both sleeping bags are made from 100 % recycled down.

As far as thermal performance is concerned, down sleeping bags are at the top of the league. But some consumers do have concerns about the origin of down fill. If you buy a VAUDE Mawees or Kamor, you’ll be at the forefront when it comes to a sustainable night’s sleep!

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) applies to all VAUDE sleeping bags and it guarantees that the down comes from ethical sources. But VAUDE has even gone one better with the Mawees and the Kamor — because for the new models, not a single animal had to lose a feather for the bags’ down. The fill for these two models comes from GRS-certified origins. GRS stands for Global Recycling Standard and means that the down fill comes from the reprocessed down of bedding and down apparel. The used down is washed and sterilized in an elaborate process, sorted in an air chamber stream and then remixed to the desired fill strength and quality.


Mawees mummy sleeping bag with a wide temperature range

VAUDE has put a lot of development work into the Mawees — the "regular irregularity" of its asymmetrical chambers ensures not only a refreshing appearance but also optimizes the distribution of your body’s heat. The premium features including a thermal collar, contoured hood, foot box and 2-way zip are a testament to VAUDE's years of research and development with its own testing lab and climatic chamber.

The mummy sleeping bag is available in six different versions including the Mawees 300 (temperature limit 4 °C), the Mawees 500 (temperature limit -3 °C), and the Mawees 700 (temperature limit -7 °C) — guaranteeing a good night’s sleep whether you’re down in the valley or up on a mountain top — on a camping holiday with the family or a bivouac high in the Alps.

Kamor rectangular sleeping bag full versatility

If you’re one of those people who have a hard time making up their mind, the Kamor is for you — it’s a wealth of possibility. This lightweight down sleeping bag can also be used as a comfortable blanket or coupled with a second sleeping bag — the variation possibilities know almost no limits. As a 3-season bag or a summer bag combined for two people, or coupled with another VAUDE model such as a synthetic fiber sleeping bag at the bottom. The special feature here is that the zip always lies on the outside of the sleeping bag when it’s coupled with another thanks to the L-shape — and the surface that you lay on is always smooth and comfortable. Each person can also regulate his or her own ventilation and insulation.

Sustainable travel companion

GRS-certified down is also used in the Kamor. which means the sleeping bag has everything you need in a sustainable and uncomplicated travel companion. Thanks to its "comfort size" (155 x 220 cm) compatibility with bed linen, it’s a perfect choice for camping or backpacking as well as a sleeping bag for guests at home or in your holiday flat. Both sleeping bags have a soft, skin-friendly (and bluesign-certified) material inside, which ensures a warm and cozy night’s sleep.

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