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Sleep systems: The first bag liners with eco-friendly bluesign® materials

Better sleep outdoors!

For its sleeping bags and pillows, the outdoor outfitter VAUDE exclusively uses bluesign® materials that have been certified and tested for harmful substances. So you can sleep comfortably in your 1000-star hotel, enjoying deep rest and rejuvenation while on tour.

Healthy sleep is just as important as the right choice of gear for multi-day outdoor adventures. After all, we spend 1/3 of our lives in sleep mode on average. When you crawl out of your sleeping bag in the morning feeling fit and rested, you can get more from the day and fully enjoy your experiences on tour.

Into the comfort zone

As a light summer sleeping bag or as a sleeping bag supplement, a thin liner improves the temperature range for comfortable sleeping. For its new sleeping bag liners, VAUDE has chosen a luxuriantly soft, high-stretch fabric in 80 g quality. VAUDE is the only manufacturer to offer a sleeping bag liner in bluesign® certified materials. The bluesign® system is the world's most rigorous standard for environmental protection and consumer safety, guaranteeing textiles that are absolutely free of harmful substances and perfect for those with allergies. The material is light, quick-drying, easy to clean, very warm and – unlike cotton or silk – high-stretch.

The sleeping bag liner comes in both a mummy and rectangular version. With a length of 210 cm and 80 cm shoulder width combined with high-stretch, restless sleepers can also enjoy a deeply relaxing night. The mummy liner has an optimized footbox and a drawstring at the hood for a perfect fit in differently shaped sleeping bag hoods. The large rectangular “Inlet Rect” offers even more freedom of movement. Thanks to a low weight and small pack size (300 g, pack bag 18x9 cm) it’s perfect as a sheet for traveling or a night in a mountain hut – no need to pack a full sleeping bag and you can stay on the safe side when it comes to hygiene.

Better sleep - a matter of mind

The old saying "You've made your bed, now sleep in it" also holds true for camping and outdoor adventures. A comfortable position for your head is essential for a healthy night’s sleep. While more passionate outdoor purists manage with a folded sweater, a pillow is best for comfortable camping and travel. Head support is especially important for a relaxed sleeping position for side sleepers. The sore neck and shoulder muscles you get from carrying a backpack are enough to deal with.

The new VAUDE pillow has a special wedge shape to cope with many different sleeping positions. This inflatable pillow for camping or trekking tours is coated with a thin polyurethane that promises comfortable sleep – almost like in your own bed; it features a velvety soft polyester coating made from innovative S-Cafe® fiber with recycled coffee grounds, which not only has a natural antibacterial effect, but also dries very quickly. All materials are tested in accordance with the strict bluesign® system for this pillow as well. After all, special caution is required for gear that’s close to your respiratory tract and in direct skin contact.

With a large one-way valve, the pillow is blown up in no time and your night camp is ready. With just 105 grams (150 grams in size L) you can accept a little more weight for the trade off of a good night’s sleep. VAUDE’s eco-friendly and fair production Green Shape guarantee ensures a clean conscience, which will just add to your peaceful night’s sleep!

For simple cleaning just let the air out, close the valve and add it to the washing machine at 30°.


Product detail     
Inlet Mummy / Rect 
275 / 300 g
Pillow M / L 105 / 150 g
Biwak LW
85 g
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