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VAUDE Outdoor boots

VAUDE Outdoor boots: sport shoes for every outdoor activity

Vaude is a brand which stands for high quality outdoor clothing and equipment, reinforced by a tradition, passion and principle for the conservation of the environment. Founded in the Alps in 1974, this family run company have established themselves as a firm favourite in Europe when it comes to outdoor shoes, clothing and various pieces of equipment. This is not only because their products are meticulously well designed and manufactured from robust materials, but their ethics have helped to position them as one of the most trusted outdoor companies on the continent. Constantly pioneering products to be enjoyed by athletes and keen outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, this company, founded by Albrecht von Dewitz, has set its sights on being the world's foremost environmentally friendly clothing and equipment authority. Vaude has its roots firmly locked within the mountains and they say that is what gives them their drive to succeed. The mountain is the recognisable symbol of this brand and metaphorically represents the high expectations they are accustomed to and excel to create for others. Clean air and the peaceful lifestyle is what makes their vision clear and as a company which has been working with the environmental blue sign standard since the start of the 21st century, only the most eco friendly products can be expected as a result of their innovation.


Cycling shoes for all disciplenes

Professional cycling demands sophisticated shoes. Available for either clipless pedals or toe-clip-pedals, cycling shoes help you to transfer power more efficiently. No matter if you are looking for mountain bike or road cycling shoes, the VAUDE store offers you a wide range of bike shoes, differing in material, manufacture and applicability. Each pair of shoes can assure longevity and high comfort, as they are made of top quality material and breathable fabric.


Sport shoes for one simple weather condition

The outdoor shoes made available by Vaude are passionately designed by people who know the climate and terrain and know exactly what is promised by both. When wearing sport shoes in these conditions, one of the most important factors is warmth. Feet which are too cold are prone to a number of problems, which can transfer to the calves, making walking very difficult. Feet which are subjected to cold conditions for long periods of time can also make the body more vulnerable to conditions such as hypothermia. That is why the inside of Vaude outdoor shoes are fitted with Primaloft Eco footwear lining, which is not only comfortable and warm, but is manufactured from 70% recycled materials. Hypergrip ice lock soles are made from high quality, thick rubber material and the anti slip tread blocks ensure maximum support and grip when navigating snow and ice. The EVA winter insole is also shock absorbing, which helps protect the fragile bones in the feet at all times.


Outdoor boots for all ages

The sport shoes available in the Vaude store are numerous in design and each offers a different roster of specifications. Each design can promise a sturdy sole and thick interior lining, however a pair of trainers will obviously be the wrong product for anyone interested in going skiing. The outdoor shoes on Vaude's shelves will cater to men, women and children of all ages, making this the perfect store for families about to embark on a winter holiday. Vaude is owned and operated by a family from the Alps, meaning great advice can also be enquired completely free of charge.

VAUDE Outdoor boots VAUDE Outdoor boots: sport shoes for every outdoor activity Vaude is a brand which stands for high quality outdoor clothing and equipment, reinforced by a tradition,... read more »
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