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Sustainable men's clothing for outdoor sports and everyday life

Mountain biking, hiking or mountaineering – when it comes to outdoor activities, choosing the right men's clothing is really important. How much fun a tour turns out to be depends on whether the rain jacket is waterproof or the cycling trousers fit comfortably, even on longer rides on a racing bike. The requirements for men's outdoor clothing can vary greatly depending on the intended use. Men have different clothing requirements for ultra-light trekking compared to commuting to work by bike. VAUDE offers men's clothing for anything and everything that takes place outdoors – plus it's environmentally friendly and fairly produced.

Outdoor clothing for men: Basic gear for every adventure

The options for outdoor activities in the fresh air are endless: racing or mountain biking, via ferrata, trail running, ski tours or hikes with the family... Functional outdoor clothing for men is not only important for demanding, alpine high-altitude tours – well-fitting functional clothing is also essential for more leisurely hikes or bike tours. Light, breathable materials keep the body well-ventilated during strenuous sports. Yet at the same time, active men need to be able to rely on windproof, waterproof and warm outdoor clothing in wind and poor weather. From light rain jackets for running to durable MTB clothing and warming 3-in-1 jackets for alpine mountaineering, eco-friendly men's clothing by VAUDE is ideal for any adventure!

The onion principle: Base layer, mid layer and outer shell

When it comes to choosing men's clothing for outdoor activities, it makes sense to rely on the tried-and-tested onion principle. Several layers instead of one thick jacket are especially important for changing weather conditions and challenging tours. Men can then quickly take off a layer or quickly put on a softshell jacket at the summit so that the body doesn't cool down too much in the wind.
The onion principle involves three layers; the first layer, known as the base layer, is worn directly on the skin. Short or long underwear for men and socks for outdoor sports should be made of materials that regulate moisture, for example merino wool or synthetic fibres. Cotton is not really suitable as it absorbs perspiration and dries slowly.
The second layer (mid layer) provides insulation. Depending on how intense the activity is and what temperatures prevail, various items of clothing can be used for this, from thin functional shirts and fleece jackets to warm insulation jackets for men.
The third layer, or outer shell, provides weather protection – wind, rain or snow must always be kept out. Breathable membranes keep wind and weather away from the body and also provide good ventilation. In dry weather, a men's softshell jacket is enough.

Functional men's clothing for everyday life

Men don't just rely on clothing made from functional materials when they’re in the mountains – warm fleece jackets, men's rain trousers or a warm winter jacket can also be worth their weight in gold in active everyday life. If you cycle often in everyday life or regularly commute to work on a racing bike, you need to have a well-fitting men's cycling jacket as well as rain trousers that are suitable for cycling.
You can also quickly throw on a warm fleece jacket for an evening stroll or simply for gardening. Our urban menswear designs with a stylish contemporary look are sure to soon become a favourite.

VAUDE men’s clothing: Fair and sustainable

Our men's clothing is not only functional, but also eco-friendly and fairly produced. Our concern is not only for the protection of our planet, but also for the well-being of the people involved in the production of our products. Sustainable, partially recycled materials help keep the environment clean. Find out more about sustainable materials. VAUDE men's clothing carries our Green Shape sustainability label, which stands for sustainable, functional products. Find out more about Green Shape.
The bluesign® certificate also ensures that our men's clothing is manufactured in a way that conserves resources. The German government's Green Button label is an additional commitment to the fair production of our men’s outdoor clothing.

Sustainable men's clothing for outdoor sports and everyday life Mountain biking, hiking or mountaineering – when it comes to outdoor activities, choosing the right men's clothing is really... read more »
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