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Young Outdoor Fashion: Neyland Jacket

Hiking jackets for the Next Generation

• Hiking jackets from eco-friendly production
• Fresh design for young outdoor enthusiasts
• Excellent weather protection
• Highly comfortable with a smooth feel

There is no more accessible or relaxing sport than hiking – and this was true long before the pandemic. Young people in particular have come to appreciate the outdoor sport as a new hobby. However, the growth in this customer segment also brings new requirements for hiking apparel. Functionality alone won’t cut it anymore – the clothes must also be sustainably manufactured and meet the fashion expectations of Generation Z. VAUDE is opening a new chapter here with its Neyland series.

The gray business suit was the status symbol of yuppies (young urban professionals) in the 1980s. Other measures of value apply in the year 2022, though, especially among Generation Z. Understatement and climate protection are in demand: own less, experience more. No 9-to-5 job, more like 5-to-9 adventure. There’s no better way to pursue a work-life balance than by venturing out into nature to recharge.

A Jacket for "yoppies" (young outdoor professionals)
Unfussy, timeless, natural: The Neyland Jacket (women’s model as Neyland 2.5 L Jacket) represents the next generation in outdoor clothing. This water-shedding, wind-resistant hiking jacket is part of the sustainably produced Neyland family, which also includes T-shirts and shorts. All apparel meets the VAUDE Green Shape criteria. By chiefly relying on sustainable fabrics made from recycled and biobased materials, the Neyland contributes to climate protection.

Young and sustainable mountain sports apparel unites timeless design with multi-functionality and climate protection. From everyday life to the mountains and back: the stylishly versatile Neyland products can be used for hut hopping, excursions in the wild, and, of course, everyday life. They offer straightforward design with convenience and a contemporary fit for a younger environmentally minded target group. Multifunctional, ready for any weather, and with plenty of storage options for your smartphone, map, and protein bar.

Matching nature tone for tone
Brightly colored outdoor clothing will always have its fans, but many hikers and trekkers prefer apparel that expresses a closeness to nature, including in terms of color. It’s time to make sustainability visible!

The Neyland Jacket is hard to beat when it comes to eco-friendly values, since it consists of 100% recycled polyester. This conserves nature – and blends seamlessly into the family of Neyland products in terms of both look and feel.

The complete Neyland series features a modern, innovative cut and design language. It makes no difference whether the jackets are worn on a long-awaited hiking tour or on a rainy outing in the city – they look great everywhere.

Fully functional in the outdoors
Sustainability is one thing – functionality is another. The Neyland jacket remains waterproof, even when the rain insists on staying a while. The Ceplex Active membrane ensures reliable weather protection and excellent breathability. Both jackets have a PFC-free Eco Finish, making for gear that is water resistant in the eco-friendliest manner possible.

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