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Trekking Backpacks with New Tergolight Comfort Space Suspension System

A Revolution for the Back

• Backpack series with back-friendly suspension system
• Perfectly suited for different loads
• Sustainably manufactured with high share of recycled content
• For trekking and (long-distance) hiking

Carrying heavy backpacks over extended periods of time can lead to pain in the lumbar region. With Tergolight Comfort Space, however, the outdoor specialist VAUDE is launching a suspension system that significantly reduces pressure on the lower spine. The new Avox, Astrum Asymmetric, and Zerum trekking backpacks are not only easy on the back – their high share of recycled materials also contributes to conserving the environment. A double positive!

Back problems are a modern phenomenon often caused by constant sitting at work and a general lack of movement. Anybody who is not in top shape and sets off on a two-week trekking tour can’t really expect much relaxation. Sooner or later pain can creep in – maybe stronger, maybe milder, depending on how well the backpack’s suspension system can adjust to the back and body shape. Often the lower region is especially affected.

Back support for novice Sherpas
VAUDE is now tackling this problem and ushering in a new era with the Tergolight Comfort Space and Tergolight Comfort Space Pro suspension system. This system not only offers a large adjustment range for the length of the back, but it also reduces pressure on the sensitive sacroiliac joint with Comfort Space technology.

The additional "space" provided in the lower back region has other comfortable side effects, too. It allows your hips greater freedom of movement, which translates to less fatigue on exhausting day-long hikes, when compared to strap-covered hips from the suspension systems of other manufacturers. It also offers your lower back enhanced ventilation and cool comfort.

The comfortable backpack family
The Tergolight Comfort Space suspension system will be included in all VAUDE trekking backpacks starting from summer 2022. There will be a corresponding women’s version for each model.

The Zerum model is aimed at minimalist trekkers and hut hoppers who wish to keep the weight of their gear down to a minimum and can manage with a small pack volume of up to 50 liters.

The Astrum EVO is the ideal choice for travelers and novice trekkers. It has a wide range of applications and even serves as a practical suitcase thanks to the front zip opening and reinforced handles. With volumes between 55 and 70 liters, the Astrum Evo can carry a globetrotter’s entire wardrobe. The sturdy workmanship and clever details will pay off whether you’re backpacking, long-distance hiking, or trekking. The removable lid can be used as a shoulder bag or wash bag with numerous slide-in pockets.

The Asymmetric model may just be the most versatile pack of the series. VAUDE has positioned the spacious side pockets to be accessible even while wearing the backpack, maybe to grab a drink or snack. To keep an insulated layer or rain jacket close at hand, for example, the front of the Asymmetric offers a spacious stretch compartment. This backpack can be used for any type of undertaking, whether hut hopping, alpine trekking, or even a long-distance hike, such as the famous GR20 trail through Corsica. The Asymmetric is available in two sizes between 40 and 50 liters and comes in both women’s and men’s versions.

Avox – For the heaviest loads
The spacious Avox tops the new range of trekking backpacks. The Avox is equipped with the Tergolight Comfort Space Pro suspension system. Two internal aluminum frames ensure optimum load distribution and stability. The Avox models are suitable for loads of up to 26 kilograms and offer even more storage space than their counterparts – the largest fits 75+10 liters. As with the Zerum and Astrum EVO, the lid flap of the Avox can also be removed and worn around the waist as a separate travel bag. Just what any globetrotter can use!

Loaded with sustainability
All our backpacks are produced using sustainable raw materials. The insulation fabric is 100% recycled and the 3D mesh on the back contains at least 53% recycled threads. The total recycled portion of the product is over 50% – all VAUDE trekking backpacks therefore meet the stringent VAUDE Green Shape criteria.

Tergolight Comfort Space - Space with a Purpose
The new Tergolight Comfort Space back design follows the "less is more" principle. A central recess in the lower back pads reduces pressure on the sacroiliac joint. Your hips enjoy greater freedom of movement thanks to this space and more ventilation is directed towards your lower back. This new, innovative VAUDE technology allows for improved comfort and greater endurance on trekking tours.

Technology USP:
• Relieves pressure on the sensitive lower spine
• Increased freedom of movement for hips
• Better ventilation for lower back

Additional product information:
Asymmetric trekking backpack
15942 Wo Asymmetric 38+8:
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