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Green Shape Core Collection - the future of sustainable outdoor gear
At the heart of the new VAUDE Winter Collection 2018/19 is its Green Shape Core Collection: an authentically sustainable selection of gear for a wide variety of outdoor activities. VAUDE has developed innovative materials that are high performing and environmentally friendly, while at the same time offer solutions for global environmental challenges such as microplastics pollution. With them, VAUDE is presenting the most sustainable products in the industry, underscoring its pioneering position and demonstrating what the future holds for sustainably innovative outdoor gear.
Lignum series - Hemp bags with a personal touch
This spring VAUDE will premiere bags in the new Packs ’n Bags Collection made from the renewable raw materials hemp and organic cotton - two long lost friends that are trending hot when it comes to durability and a strong eco-balance. As a third eco element, buckles made from biobased plastic made from castor oil have been added. VAUDE has used these materials to design six new chic and functional everyday companions for urban trendsetters who value individuality, naturalness and an ethical, sustainable lifestyle.
Backpack Trail Spacer 8 - Knit that fits
The southern German outdoor specialist VAUDE is once again demonstrating innovative strength in the field of backpack technology with the lightweight Trail Spacer 8. For the first time, an innovative 3D-knit construction has been used for the back. A globally unparalleled manufacturing process was developed in cooperation with the textile university of Albstadt-Sigmaringen that offers a compact fit for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking or trail running.
Green fleece for clean water
At the ISPO in Munich, VAUDE will be launching for the first time products made of a fleece fabric that feature a biodegradable, softly napped inner lining. As a pioneer in the field of sustainability, VAUDE has developed this fabric in collaboration with the Italian fabric supplier Pontetorto and will be the world’s first manufacturer to introduce it – in its Winter 18/19 Collection. The Miskanti Fleece Jacket, a high-stretch fleece for mountain sports, along with several models of the limited “Green Shape Core Collection” are all made with TENCEL® fleece. A good 40 years after the introduction of fleece fabrics to the outdoor market, VAUDE is now for the first time offering a solution to the problem of the shedding of microfibers during the washing process.
Insulated warmth for cold winter weather
VAUDE is introducing PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Natural Blend — a new, soft hybrid insulation made from plant fibers — for an eco-friendly yet stylish addition to its collection. The products that feature this innovative layer are not only good looking on the outside; their inner qualities are also first-rate. This trailblazing insulation is making an exclusive debut in the VAUDE Winter Collection 2018/19.
Vorwärts ins Backcountry
Für die Wintersaison 2018/19 hat VAUDE die Bekleidung für abfahrtsorientierte Skitourengeher grundlegend überarbeitet und nochmals erweitert. Den Schutz vor den Elementen und eine technisch aufwendige Konstruktion zeigt die Back Bowl Serie in einem lässigen und sehr geländegängigen Ski-Outfit. Alle Modelle tragen das VAUDE Green Shape Label für eine umweltfreundliche und sozial faire Herstellung. Die Membran und die wasserabweisende DWR-Ausrüstung ist bei der gesamten Bekleidungskollektion von VAUDE 100 % PFC-frei.
Adaptable and warm all year round
VAUDE‘S All Year Moab Outfit - consisting of a hybrid jacket, long-sleeved jersey and zip-off pants - ensures year round mountain biking adventurous fun. The VAUDE trio comes in a stylish design and with lots of high performance features.
Warm parka for cold weather cyclists
VAUDE has designed the ideal companion for all winter cyclist fashionistas, its Cyclist Padded Parka. The Primaloft® insulation provides warmth even in icy temps, while high vis reflective elements ensure greater safety while riding on the road.
Fast protection for bad weather crusades
The VAUDE Cyclist Cape is always on call when it's cold outside or the weather shifts from one moment to the next. It’s windproof and warm, and reliably blocks out rain - with two practical kangaroo pockets, it has everything a rain poncho really needs.
Weather protection for the road
Weather forecast looking unpredictable? No worries, with the Bike Chaps you’re always prepared! VAUDE offers its special bike rain pants in two practical versions.
Skarvan Trekking Backpacks: Heavy duty backpacks for wilderness trekking
The Scottish Highlands, the Kerry Way in Ireland or the expansive Fjäll region of Scandinavia provide plenty of space for solitude and long-distance wilderness tours. You can hike here for days without seeing a cabin or other trace of civilization along the way, so you’ll have to take everything you’ll need with you and, of course, a pack that can hold it all – such as the Skarvan backpack from VAUDE.
Skarvan Trekking Series: ready to trek, from head to toe
Four seasons in one day – that’s what they say about the weather in Ireland. And if you’re heading out for more than one, you’d better be well equipped for this meteorological extravaganza. The Skarvan Series from VAUDE is an entire apparel concept that will have you prepared for every change in the weather so you can stay focused on experiencing impressive natural spectacles.
VAUDE Outdoor Gear in Green Shape: Eco Alpine Lifestyle
On the path of sustainability – with this motto, the mountain sports and cycling outfitter VAUDE, wishes to encourage athletes to take care of their environment. Those who wish to pursue a path of sustainability while enjoying the great outdoors can find many ways to reduce their ecological footprints while doing so. VAUDE provides gear with its own in-house Green Shape Label that does just this, proving just how sustainable functional apparel can be. Starting this Spring/Summer 2018 season, almost the entire VAUDE Apparel collection bears the Green Shape Label and the textile fabrics used for it are completely PFC-free, meaning that no harmful fluorocarbon compounds were used in the manufacturing.
Footwear: Skarvan trekking shoes
With the completely redesigned Summer 2018 Shoe Collection, the outdoor specialist VAUDE is both taking a big step forward while also reducing the environmental footprint of its products. With a uniform design language, sustainable materials and innovative technologies such as a seamless knit upper construction, the VAUDE Shoe Collection knows where it’s going: forward to nature!
Sleeping pads: extremely comfortable new models
Even outdoors, the proverb holds true: as you make your bed, so must you lie on it. For its newest insulation pads, VAUDE has used not only a highly technical 3D design, but has also set new standards in terms of comfort for camping, trekking and mountain adventures.
Sleeping bags: flexible, high performance synthetic fill sleeping bags
With the Säntis and Gamplüt, VAUDE is launching two innovative and highly flexible synthetic fill bags for the Summer Season 2018. The Säntis offers unparalleled freedom of movement with high-stretch zones while the Gamplüt sets new standards in versatility. Thanks to eco-friendly production meeting the Green Shape standards, a healthy night’s sleep is guaranteed.
VAUDE Rain Overalls for Mountain Bikers
The Moab Rain Suit is the youngest offspring in the Moab product series, specifically tailored to mountain biker needs. If you loved full-body overalls as a kid, you will love the adult version today.
VAUDE Bracket Touring Backpack Series
Bracket – the newest bike backpack line VAUDE has developed for enduro and touring bikers. An ergonomically constructed back panel ensures enhanced pack stability with high freedom of movement. A wide hipbelt provides extra stability and works as a compression strap as well. All five models bear the VAUDE Green Shape Label, which labels them as eco-friendly, functional products made from sustainable materials.
Lightweight Insulation Jacket for Mountain Bikers
VAUDE presents the ultimate hybrid jacket for mountain bikers: the Moab Hybrid Jacket. A jacket that demonstrates its inherent strengths in all conditions, but especially when touring in temperatures that fluctuate considerably. Ultralight and highly packable, you can always take it along to ensure best warmth and wind protection.
VAUDE Bike Gear in Green Shape
On the path of sustainability – with this motto, the mountain sports and cycling outfitter VAUDE, wishes to encourage athletes to take care of their environment. Those who wish to pursue a path of sustainability while enjoying the great outdoors can find many ways to reduce their ecological footprints while doing so. VAUDE provides gear with its own in-house Green Shape Label that does just this, proving just how sustainable functional apparel can be. Starting this Spring/Summer 2018 season, the entire VAUDE Bike Apparel collection bears the Green Shape Label and all apparel fabrics are PFC-free.
VAUDE Bike Shoes
On its way to becoming a full-range outdoor supplier, VAUDE takes the next giant step. In addition to bicycle apparel and bag solutions, VAUDE began in 2010 with bicycle shoes, focusing in the first few years on mountain bikers, bike travelers and everyday cyclists as target groups. For the Spring/Summer 2018 season, the range of VAUDE Bike Shoes has been completely reworked. VAUDE presents 17 new models, including road bike shoes for the first time.
VAUDE Rear Pannier for Everyday Cyclists
The multifunctional ExCycling Back pannier is the ideal companion for all those who don’t want to drive their car every day, prefer biking to work, and enjoy their off time on two wheels. This rear pannier is made for lugging your load comfortably, whether it’s a laptop, change of clothes or your week’s shopping.
VAUDE Gear for Bikepacking
Touring on a mountain bike, with your entire luggage directly attached to the bike so that you can enjoy full mobility out on the paths – this is what freedom-loving mountain bikes define as adventure. VAUDE offers a complete range of gear for the pursuit, including apparel, ultralight tents, insulation pads and sleeping bags, and has now added three specially designed bikepacking bags to the program.
Reversible bags: Revelopment Series
The models of the new VAUDE series, Revelopment, are wonderfully, stylishly reversible. Another highlight: Tobel and Table can be turned inside out for a whole new look. Be spontaneous and create a new style whenever you want, depending on your mood or outfit. Recycled PET materials and German Terracare® leather at the bottom are combined for a look that’s not only trendy – it also meets our Green Shape criteria for sustainable manufacturing.
Recycling Travel Bag Series Olympia: Sporty & Eco Friendly
Let the journey begin – with the Sapporo and Turin, two new trolleys from German Outdoor brand VAUDE starting in summer 2018. These eco-travelers made from recycled PET bottles are not only elegant, they are also exceptionally functional which is what makes them such indispensible travel companions.
New Generation of Recycled Bags Series: sporty, casual, eco-friendly
Since 2009, the Recycled bags and backpacks have been some of VAUDE’s absolute best-sellers. This is no wonder, after all these eco-trendsetters made from recycled PET bottles are not only stylish but also highly practical, and indispensable companions for modern everyday life. Now, VAUDE has reworked the series with some minor design updates and added two new models.
Colleagues Bags Series: retro-style for urban trendsetters
Retro is absolutely in. For the past few years, old-school style bags have been gracing modern cityscapes. The German family-run company VAUDE is also revisiting its roots and has revamped a few style icons from its over 40-year history as a mountain sports outfitter. The new Colleagues bag collection fuses timeless design with urban elegance and a modern slant for the needs of today. The new Colleagues have a sense of organization and are intrinsically dedicated to environmental conservation. After all, they consist largely of recycled material and bear the prestigious VAUDE Green Shape label. These Colleagues are your ticket for a journey that’s "Back to the Future".
Back Bowl Series Freetouring Apparel
In accordance with the motto "Earn your turn", the Back Bowl series will be going on a discover journey into the wintery backcountry. Full protection against the elements, versatile and technical construction as well as fresh style factor has been taken into account in this all-terrain series.
VAUDE presents the first PrimaLoft® Jeans
VAUDE is ready to present a special highlight in their trousers department. In the Urban Life Collection Winter 17-18, VAUDE is using an exclusive new material from PrimaLoft® for all of its jeans – a functional blend of cotton and siliconized polyester with a bit of elastane. This material promises a conquest of the comfort zone in terms of stretch and drying time.
Rienza knit-fleece with eco-friendly dye process
If you want to engage in sustainable environmental protection, you have to think about cycles. When it comes to functional outdoor clothing, this means keeping an eye on the entire process. Environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes are in demand in the textile industry, but they are not yet widespread in Asian textile factories. The sustainability pioneer VAUDE is now using a particularly resource-conserving dye process for its Rienza fleece jackets. A wearable environmental understatement for eco-pioneers who enjoy forging new ground.
Roccia Primasoft Hoody: Hybrid Trekking Jacket with PrimaLoft® Insulation
As most outdoor enthusiasts know, the best way to head out into nature is on foot – and not by car. Even in winter, exploring hill and dale are not a problem when you have the right gear. In terms of insulation, the magic word is "hybrid" for optimal microclimate comfort. VAUDE spells it out clearly in the new Roccia Primasoft Hoody that puts premium PrimaLoft® insulation to work, and even comes with an environmental bonus to boot. So, what are you waiting for? Head for the hills and listen to the call of the wild!
Shuksan 3L Jacket & Hybrid Pants with Ceplex Green Membrane
At VAUDE, a firm commitment to environmental protection has been a leitmotif of sustainable innovation for many years. These southern Germans have now added a surprising ecological development in their in-house Ceplex membrane by including recycled and biobased components. Ceplex Green is used in the technical, alpine-oriented Shuksan apparel line that wows with windproof, waterproof and eco-friendly performance. VAUDE has also completely eliminated the use of harmful fluorocarbons in its membrane and water-repellent finishes.
VAUDE Reversible Bike Cape
With the Tirano reversible cycling cape, VAUDE has created a stylish all-rounder for cold weather riding. It protects bikers from wind and inhospitable weather so they can pursue their modern cycling lifestyles, and with a reversible function, it can be used in a myriad of great ways.
VAUDE Softshell Steglio Jacket
Recycling materials are now to be found in an ever-increasing number of new products. The product developers at VAUDE also see this as a positive development, and are increasingly using materials in performance apparel that help conserve valuable resources. This can be seen put to work in two ways in the technical softshell Steglio Jacket.
VAUDE Minaki Mid CPX MTB Shoe
VAUDE opens up year-round riding options for die-hard cyclists, with its mid-high Minaki Mid CPX MTB shoe. Designed to keep feet warm and dry when cold, wet weather hits, it features the Boa closure system for easy on and off.
VAUDE Bike Sports - Performance styles with wool
Wool in performance sportswear has made great headway now that it can be processed in finest quality. This natural fiber offers a wide range of advantages and is put to use in a wide selection of jackets, trousers and jerseys in the new VAUDE Bike Collection for Fall/Winter 2017-18.
Footwear: Urban winter shoes with felt and Terra Care® leather
Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden, serves not only as the namesake for the new VAUDE winter footwear series. Weather-wise, there are also strong leanings toward the Scandinavian winter. With insulating felt materials, premium TerraCare® eco-leather and thermal PrimaLoft® linings, UBN Kiruna Mid boots defy winter while sporting compelling eco-friendliness as well.
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