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VAUDE blouses and shirts

Good looking as well as functional: blouses and shirts

If your next adventure in the great outdoors is already just around the corner, you should start to think about which versatile and flexible clothing you should take along with you. VAUDE shirts and blouses can hardly be topped in terms of flexibility – regardless of how adverse the weather conditions may be. Another advantage this clothing offers: it’s extremely robust and easy to clean. Dirt can simply be quickly washed out without leaving permanent stains.

Thanks to our fashionable trekking shirts and blouses, you don’t have to worry about the weather before setting off. Will it be sunny? Is it likely to rain? Will it be cold or hot there? Our shirts and blouses are the answer to something that’s as unpredictable as the weather, because thanks to the functional fabrics they are made of, they are not only the right choice when things get hot and sweaty but also super when the temperature drops. Their high quality outer layer reliably guides perspiration to the outside yet also prevents your body from cooling down when it gets cold. Besides that, you will also learn to appreciate the light weight of this clothing, especially on longer excursions.


Blouses for female outdoor fans

Fashionable blouses are a timeless ladies wear classic, not only when it comes to the great outdoors. In combination with functional fabrics, however, they turn out to be true all-rounders. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to wear long-sleeved or short-sleeved blouses, whether you like checks or whether your preferred choice is organic cotton, VAUDE stocks a wide range of different types you are bound to love. And our products are not just convincing in terms of fabric quality and finish, they also look good – certainly an important criterion for all women. The VAUDE online shop has blouses in many different designs to offer; whether you prefer yours to have a turned down or a stand-up collar, a V-neck, overcut or long sleeves...and, of course, they come in a wide choice of colours and patterns. Fresh and cheerful summer colours as well as understated and timeless classics. Because our blouses also look good, they are therefore also suitable for numerous leisure time activities that are not necessarily associated with “outdoor” activities – whether shopping spree, a Sunday walk or a cosy barbecue evening with friends.

Another important aspect is that our blouses are outstandingly comfortable to wear. Each and every one of them is cut to match the female figure and still feels comfortable even after you’ve worn it for a long stretch.


Shirts for the next trekking tour

The VAUDE online shop has more to offer than just the right ladies wear. It also stocks a wide choice of different trekking shirts for men. All of our shirts naturally meet all of the requirements of high quality outdoor clothing. Functional and durable fabrics protect you reliably in all weather conditions and promise total comfort even during activities that take a bit longer.

As today’s men certainly also want their clothing to look good, our men’s shirts are as fashionable as our ladies’ blouses. You’ll be spoilt for choice, we stock anything from wild patterns to more muted colours – whatever your taste, you are bound to find something you like.

VAUDE blouses and shirts Good looking as well as functional: blouses and shirts If your next adventure in the great outdoors is already just around the corner, you should start to think... read more »
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