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VAUDE Kinderhaus feiert 20-jähriges Jubiläum
Dass beides möglich ist, beweist das Tettnanger Outdoor-Unternehmen VAUDE. Vor 20 Jahren wurde das VAUDE Kinderhaus gegründet, das heute in Kooperation mit der Stadt Tettnang betrieben wird. Kinder, Erzieherinnen, VAUDE Geschäftsführerin Antje von Dewitz und Bürgermeister Bruno Walter feierten das Jubiläum vergangenen Freitag im Garten des Kinderhauses.
Tracking VAUDE products worldwide – a transparent supply chain
Outdoor fans can easily find the answers to questions such as these on the VAUDE website at – no matter where in the world the gear or apparel was made. VAUDE offers the ability to trace products back to their place of production worldwide. Each softshell jacket, tent or pair of trekking shoes has a link that takes you directly to the production plant where it was made with photos, information and certifications from the facility. VAUDE has been committed to fair working conditions and environmental protection along the entire supply chain for years – on a voluntary basis and with success. The family-owned company is demonstrating that a supply chain act – like the one that recently passed in the German Bundestag – both makes sense and is feasible.
Outdoor pants made of old tires
▪ BASF and VAUDE take a step towards an effective circular economy together
▪ Polyamides based on chemically recycled tires form the basis for robust outdoor pants
▪ Available in stores from March 2022
Das deutsche Lieferkettengesetz kommt! Doch was bringt es wirklich?
Am 12. Februar 2021 hat sich die Bundesregierung auf ein Lieferkettengesetz geeinigt, das im ersten Schritt große Unternehmen mit mehr als 3.000 Mitarbeitern dazu verpflichten soll, Verantwortung für die Einhaltung der Menschenrechte in ihrer Lieferkette zu übernehmen. VAUDE kämpft schon seit Jahren für ein Lieferkettengesetz und ist damit eines der ganz wenigen Unternehmen, die sich klar für eine gesetzliche Sorgfaltspflicht aussprechen. Wir begrüßen den Gesetzesentwurf, der ein erster Schritt in die richtige Richtung ist. Doch wie viel bringt dieses Gesetz tatsächlich?
Antje von Dewitz erhält den GEM Award 2021
Antje von Dewitz, Geschäftsführerin des Outdoor-Unternehmens VAUDE, erhält den GEM Award 2021 für ihre erfolgreiche, nachhaltige Markenführung. VAUDE ist es gelungen, Nachhaltigkeit im Sinne einer ökonomischen, sozialen sowie ökologischen Balance im ganzen Unternehmen zu verankern und die damit verbundenen Werte deutlich zu vertreten. Diese klare Positionierung hat die Marke gestärkt und ihren Bekanntheitsgrad als auch ihre Begehrlichkeit gesteigert. VAUDE genießt eine hohe Glaubwürdigkeit und ein großes Vertrauen – damit erfüllt das Unternehmen genau die Bedürfnisse, die immer mehr bewussten KonsumentInnen wichtig sind.
Recycled softshells for the protection of people and the planet
VAUDE has set itself the goal of achieving global climate neutrality along its entire supply chain. In order to meet this goal, the materials chosen will naturally play a decisive role. By using recycled materials such as used PET bottles, CO2 emissions in textile production can be roughly halved. Starting with the Winter Season 2021, the outdoor outfitter will manufacture all of its windproof softshells primarily from recycled materials. But that's not enough for the brand – from next winter, half of all VAUDE products will be made from at least 50 % recycled or biobased, renewable raw resources.
Men's Monviso Down Jacket: a down jacket made with biobased polyamide
A new take on down fill: heat storage for outdoor athletes made from renewable raw materials – that was the goal of the product developers for the Monviso Down Jacket by VAUDE. Its unique outer shell is made from a biobased nylon derived from the castor bean and boasts a number of performance features that petroleum-based polyamide fabrics don't have. Biobased at its best!
Elope 3in1 Jacket: Consistent environmental protection through recycling
When you spend a lot of time outdoors, you need a jacket that can be adapted to the current weather conditions. The Elope 3in1 Jacket is waterproof, windproof, warm and aligned to the needs of eco-conscious outdoor lovers with its resource-conserving manufacturing using recycled materials.
Men's Batura Hooded Insulation Jacket
Lightweight, warm, lofty. Looks like down, but isn't! It's HeatSphere Eco. That's the pioneering insulation that VAUDE is using in its Batura jackets. In addition, the jacket is made of recycled materials, which means significantly less CO2-emissions are produced in its making. Keeps you warm and our winters white!
Mineo Coat: insulated with synthetic down made from recycled PET
VAUDE's toasty Mineo Coat proves that style and functionality can go hand in hand. It features an innovative HeatSphere Eco insulation that was designed for environmentally conscious urbanites looking for a waterproof option for winter adventures.
Monviso Insulation Jacket
When it comes to alpine ski tours, the weather is often difficult to predict. Snow flurries alternating with cold winds, the sun making an appearance in between. When you're headed out on a challenging tour, you want a warm jacket that'll have you prepared for any eventuality – like the Monviso Insulation Jacket by VAUDE!
Kids Limax Insulation Jacket
Why should adults be the only ones to enjoy insulation jackets? The Kids Limax Insulation Jacket will keep young ones warm and toasty as well. VAUDE has outfitted this zip-in jacket with an innovative insulation, HeatSphere Eco, made from 100 % recycled polyester with several advantages over conventional down.
Kids Kelpie II Mid STX: Winter boots for kids
Say goodbye to cold feet! The Kids Kelpie II Mid STX are a dream come true for parents and their children. They are warm and cozy boots that not only feature an insulating PrimaLoft® lining, but also a waterproof Sympatex® membrane. They'll also sooth your eco-conscience – these shoes are primarily made from recycled materials.
ReCycle Pro Single: Made in Germany – Bike Bag Made from Packaging Waste
• The first VAUDE bike bag made entirely from recycled primary materials
• Including a back panel made from German household packaging waste
• Major step towards a circular economy
• Perfect for everyday use
• Available for purchase from October 2021
VAUDE launches first ever pannier made from recycled material
• First VAUDE range of panniers made from completely recycled key materials
• Including rear panel made from recycled plastic packaging and fastening hooks made from recycled multilayer film
• An important step towards a circular economy
• Cooperation with recycling companies Interseroh and APK
• In retailers from October 2021
Men’s All Year Moab 3in1 Rain Jacket: Waterproof MTB jacket with an insulated vest
New in the range starting September 2021: the VAUDE All Year Moab 3in1 Rain Jacket for active mountain bike tours in transitional seasons. A lightweight yet robust shell paired with an insulated inner vest, this waterproof jacket is the solution to your weather-based problems. Sustainable insulation made from recycled coffee grounds and PET bottles provides protection while also making a valuable contribution to environmental protection.
Elope Padded Jacket – weather protection made from recycled materials
VAUDE continues to pursue environmental protection with a strong focus on the use of recycled materials. In the Winter Collection 2021/22, half of all products were made with biobased or recycled materials. This conserves valuable resources, energy and CO2 emissions, which also helps protect the climate. A prime example of sustainable weather protection is the Elope Padded Jacket from the Trek&Hike Collection, a warm, waterproof hooded jacket made with cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology.
Men’s All Year Moab ZO Jacket: Modular zip-off jacket for active MTB tours in transitional seasons
Just ask any roadie – the easier your bike clothing is to put on and the more comfortable it is to wear, the more often you’ll end up taking it out of the closet. The Men's All Year Moab ZO Jacket easily converts into a vest, is comfortably warm and made from sustainable materials. What more could you want?
Cyclist Warm Rain Jacket: Recycled synthetic down provides exceptional warmth for biking in winter temperatures
For the Winter Season 2021, VAUDE is introducing the Cyclist Warm Rain Jacket, a jacket for bike commuters that sports a heart for environmental protection with its insulation made from recycled materials. This new functional jacket from VAUDE outfitted with underarm zips and reflective elements is warm, waterproof and windproof and is best appreciated for everyday cycling.
Gestärkt in die Zukunft: Das Team TREK | VAUDE stellt sich neu auf und fokussiert auf Nachhaltigkeit
[Langenargen / Dübendorf] – Mit Beginn des Jahres 2021 betritt ein neues Team die Szene: Das Team TREK | VAUDE setzt dabei gleichermaßen auf junge Talente und erfahrene Athleten.
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