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UBN Redmont 2.0 – eco sneakers with bio cotton and organic leather

Eco Sneakers for Urban Outings

The new VAUDE sneakers UBN Redmont 2.0 feature natural materials – bio cotton, organic leather and natural rubber, and they're truly astonishing in terms of sustainable shoe production. To top it off, they're also made in Europe. The "urban conscious" target group and any sports-loving metropolitans will find a trendy companion for their adventures in the urban jungle. They're certainly the greenest shoes VAUDE has ever made.

Summer in the city! Now all you need are the right pair of shoes for cycling, skating and strolling – in short, for all those activities that make active urbanites thrive. And if the shoes feature eco-friendly manufacturing – all the better.

Sustainable urban shoes

Sneakers aren't just basic footwear. Today they're an important fashion and lifestyle statement – sometimes they say a lot about the (stylish) character of their owners. And they're also the most important connection between a person and Mother Earth!  In the apparel sector case, sustainable production has now established itself in many niches. With footwear it's a little different. Shoe production is more complex and consists of many individual components, so it's difficult to make production completely eco-friendly.

VAUDE has succeeded in doing this to a great extent with the UBN Redmont 2.0. The sneakers were constructed without any plastic at all. The Tettnang team used only bio cotton, chrome-free tanned leather as well as recycled natural rubber and cork on the soles. For those models with black outsoles, used car tires were recycled and mixed with natural rubber as a granulate. The insoles were also made from purely natural materials. The outer material was made with linen, a natural fiber; the main element consists of kenaf plant fibers, corn and natural latex. The insoles are even biodegradable.



One small step for the environment, one big step for VAUDE

Reducing the ecological footprint to its environmental minimum – that's the premise of the UBN Redmont 2.0 program. For their development, VAUDE has joined forces with the long-established  Langbrett eco streetwear label which contributes production expertise, material sourcing and local networks. This has enabled VAUDE to participate in LANGBRETT's closed loop recycling chain.

Comfort & Style

The shoes are pleasantly light and airy thanks to their sophisticated materials, making them the perfect companions for summer activities in the city. It goes without saying that they're just as great for everyday use as for urban cycling and skating. Once you put them on, their high wearing comfort and excellent microclimate will definitely win you over. Their soles (V-Flow Index 4) are very flexible and feel just as comfortable on a skate deck as they do on an urban beach.

Even at the end of their life, UBN Redmont 2.0 shoes are still eco-friendly – the uppers and soles can be easily detached and recycled separately.

Sustainable production made in Europe

The UBN Redmont 2.0 are manufactured in Portugal, a country with a traditional textile and shoe industry. This reduces transportation routes considerably because the material suppliers and sole manufacturers are also located in a local shoe cluster around Porto. For VAUDE's primary European sales market, transport routes are short, climate-friendly and also seasonally adaptable.

Starting in the Summer Season 2021, these new eco-sneakers from VAUDE will be available for women in an earthy brown tone (Boulder), dusty pink (Snapdragon) and turquoise (Lake), for men in Steel Blue, Cedar Wood and Black, in sizes 36 – 46. (UK sizes 3-12).






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