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The Trail Spacer 28 backpack made from biobased polyamide

The Trail Spacer 28 backpack made from biobased polyamide

The Trail Spacer 28 backpack has been tailored – or rather, knitted – for active mountaineers! Not only does it offer plenty of room for gear, it also scores points with excellent ventilation and an extremely comfortable 3D-knitted Spacerknit suspension system. In addition, it's partially made from biobased polyamide. It's an absolute carryall for nature lovers everywhere – and it won’t let anything come between you and your next micro-adventure!

Hoist your pack, head out the door, and enjoy what nature has in store for you. That's what mountain tours in 2021 are all about. Don't plan it, just do it! Spontaneity is the name of the game. The Trail Spacer 28 is the perfect pack for making it happen.

It stands out for its easy handling, low weight and generous spaciousness. Need to pack a sleeping bag and pad for a quick bivouac? Not a problem for the Trail Spacer 28. A fast-paced 1200-meter tour at dawn or a short "hut-hopping" hike in the mountains? The Trail Spacer 28 can make full use of its advantages in these situations.

Clever details for fast-paced trips

The Trail Spacer 28 is a precision tool. It takes off exactly where other backpacks are simply too imprecise – on trips where the lightest possible, user-friendly gear is essential.

Generous outer pockets offer fast-access space for accessories that need to be right at hand when you're on the go, such as water bottles, a functional shirt or gloves. Strategically positioned pockets on the shoulder straps and hip belt also offer space for gels or bars – which you can grab without having to take the backpack off.

As light as a vest

The Trail Spacer 28 also has a special feature in the main compartment – its seamless 3D spacerknit back. The 3D knitted back merges into the shoulder straps. This raises comfort to a whole new level and ensures excellent shock absorption as well as incredible ventilation for a comfortable ride. But that's not all – the Trail Spacer 28 features ErgoShape shoulder straps that adapt to the anatomy of the wearer. This means that even challenging tours with a somewhat heavier load can still feel lightweight and fancy free.

The integrated EMP back panel prevents uncomfortable pressure points from forming – without restricting mobility. In addition, the backpack is reinforced in heavily used areas such as at the bottom, which increases its product lifespan.

Innovation from the seeds of a plant: polyamide made from castor oil

VAUDE is conducting intensive research on new, biobased plastics, taking a pioneering path transitioning away from oil. Anyone who travels with the Trail Spacer 28 can count themselves lucky in the long term – the primary material used in this jack-of-all-trades is biobased polyamide, which consists of 62 % castor oil. This conserves fossil raw materials in the production process and produces fewer emissions. And to top it off – biobased polyamide has more favorable material properties than conventional polyamide. The fiber has great tear-resistance, yet is also considerably more elastic and absorbs significantly less moisture than petroleum-based polyamide. A noticeable difference, both for the wearer and more importantly, for the planet.

Sustainable production methods

Like all VAUDE backpacks, the Trail Spacer is made with eco-friendly, water repellent Eco Finish and is manufactured without the use of fluorocarbons (PFC). The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally friendly, functional products made from sustainable, bluesign®-certified materials.


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