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New travel accessories made from 100 % recycled materials

Personal assistants for backpackers

People on the move need support: to keep them organized throughout the day, when showering, sorting gear, for the careful storage of travel documents and, last but not least, to keep their money safe. This is exactly where the new travel accessories from VAUDE come into play. From money belts to wash bags, these personal aids bring order to everyday travel and make the daily routine easier for globetrotters. Thanks to 100 % recycled materials, the ecological footprint of these travel companions is also something you'll love.

Nobody wants to waste time rummaging around for a plane ticket, toothbrush or anything else when they're on the go. Don't despair – just take along the VAUDE Trip Box!

These practical storage bags ensure a clear overview and order in your gear. The Trip Box comes in three sizes and two colors. Each can also be mixed and matched so organization is guaranteed – whether it's for your clothes, your reading materials or your documents.

The Travel Organizer provides a clear overview of your travel documents. Available in two sizes, the bag has a padded compartment for your electronics and organizational pockets for credit cards and other valuables. Worn as a hip bag or shoulder bag, it will keep your most important documents for check-in or official business abroad close at hand.


Keep your money safe

Depending on your destination, how to keep your money safe is going to change – and safely stored money will keep you more relaxed and focused on your surroundings. The Wallet S, M and L bring order to the financial world of globetrotters – and are also a great choice for everyday use thanks to their attractive design. Depending on the size, this trio offers space for up to eight (credit) cards, travel documents and the small change you'll need for your next urban adventure.

Fort Knox at the hip

Want a little more security? Jackpot! Well, you haven't actually hit it yet, but if you do, your winnings will be kept safe. Jackpot and Big Jackpot are two money belts – one compact, the other spacious. These "love handles" are worn under your clothing at your hips and protect money and important documents from unwanted access. On the side facing the body, the Jackpots are made of soft, skin-friendly material.

Wash bags that are anything but washed up!

If there is one thing you want to keep track of when you're on the go, it's the contents of your wash bag. In order to keep everything perfectly organized and right there when you need it, try out the Wash Bag S, M or L.

The shapely trio offers plenty of space for your toothbrush, shampoo, lotion, medication and more. The two larger models can be quickly and easily rolled up or hung on a hook. This makes personal hygiene on the road even more fun!

Sustainable production methods

As is typical with VAUDE, sustainability is also a major focus for these new travel companions. The Trip Box, travel organizer, money belt and wash bags are made from 100 percent recycled material which saves fossil raw materials and CO2 emissions during production. This means that when you travel, you can keep your ecological footprint small, even with your gear.

And all products are also made with eco-friendly, water repellent Eco Finish and are manufactured without the use of fluorocarbons (PFC). The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally friendly, functional products made from sustainable, bluesign®-certified materials. The new travel accessories are certified with Germany's Grüner Knopf textile seal for sustainable, ecological and socially fair textile production. Over 70 % of VAUDE products already bear the Grüner Knopf.

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