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Minaki STX II Winter Bike Boots for Toasty Feet

There’s nothing that ruins a winter ride in low temperatures faster than cold feet. With the Minaki STX II winter cycling shoes, you can check that concern off your list. They combine a completely waterproof,robust construction designed specifically for the challenges of winter, with a Boa quick-release closure and warm PrimaLoft Eco lining.

When temperatures plummet, it’s the extremities that suffer the most. After a certain point, your feet can become extremely cold or even numb, and no amount of pedaling or rubbing your feet is going to help.

Braced for cold, snow and ice

To prevent this from happening in the first place, VAUDE offers the Minaki STX II, footwear that efficiently prevents the cold from winning the battle over your feet. Waterproof, windproof, breathable and warm – those are the attributes that best describe these winter wonders.

To achieve this, our i-team (the VAUDE innovation team) together with the Belgian company AirShaper analyzed numerical fluid mechanics (computational fluid dynamics (CFD) respectively) for three different foot pedal positions. With the help of these tests, key areas of a foot that are particularly susceptible to the cold in an airstream could be located. These findings were then taken into account in the development of the Minaki STX II winter bike boots.

As a result, the best weather protection paired with optimal thermal performance, these midcut winter bike boots have a sophisticated upper shoe construction. The reliable Sympatex membrane plays a major role here – slush and pouring rain don’t stand a chance of entering. The cover flap with waterproof zip also protects the BOA dial, which can also be adjusting even while wearing gloves.

The soles of the Minaki STX II have been sealed from the inside at the cleats so that no moisture can penetrate and cold spots are eliminated.

In addition, the PrimaLoft Eco insulation that lies between the membrane and your foot provides excellent heat retention even at sub-zero temperatures. A fleece liner rounds off the features of these comfortable winter bike boots.

To verify the optimization of protection from cold temperatures and wind, the new Minaki STX II winter bike boots were evaluated with a volunteer study in a climate chamber at 0 °C. Using a thermal imaging camera it could be shown that a significantly improved level of thermal retention was achieved (see Fig. 1). These excellent results were also presented at two international conferences.

Perfect for year-round commuters

Our footwear designers focused intensely on making these finely crafted bike boots optimal for winter riding. The grippy sole of the Minaki STX II is clipless pedal compatible. This makes the shoes just as suitable for adventurous winter MTB tours as they are for commuters who wear them all week long.

Changing your footwear is a constant for bike commuters – the BOA closure makes this a breeze. Its technical and elegant design also gives the Minaki STY a low-key appearance, while reflective elements provide extra visibility in predawn, twilight and any low light conditions.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

The Minaki STX II have been manufactured in accordance with the strict Green Shape criteria and are environmentally friendly. They consist of a membrane that’s 100 % recyclable and climate-neutral, and a fleece lining that’s 100 % recyclable and recycled. The Primaloft insulation is made from 90 % PET recycled materials. And, as always, PVC is never used in the manufacturing of VAUDE shoes and boots; laminates and membranes are PTFE and PFC free.

Additional information:

Fig. 1. Image left & center: CFD surface pressure depending on pedal-foot angle; Image right: Infrared image of the skin temperature after cycling (left: VAUDE – new/optimized, right: VAUDE – old).

Study: Thermal Comfort of Winter Cycling Footwear

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