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Men’s Pro Insulation ZO Jacket: Hybrid Bike Jacket

Perfect Microclimate for Transitional Seasons

The VAUDE Men's Pro Insulation ZO Jacket is a textbook example of a hybrid cycling jacket. Not only is it warm, reliably waterproof and windproof, it can also be easily transformed into a vest. Year-round cyclists will be optimally outfitted for rides in transitional seasons!

Cyclists often face the problem of finding the right apparel for their ride in transitional seasons. Choose something that’s warm enough for the frosty temperatures of the morning and it might already be obsolete by noon. And before you know it, the sun has come out and you start to sweat – even on cold autumn or early winter days. On the other hand, the wind can quickly turn even a sunny day into a real test of survival.

Windproof and insulated hybrid jacket

VAUDE has designed the Men's Pro Insulation ZO Jacket especially for these types of freezing-one-minute, sweating-the-next days. The sleeves can easily be zipped off to transform it into a vest so it’s the ideal companion for bike tours where you aren't sure how the weather will develop over the course of the day.

Flexible, breathable double weave fabric is used at the back and forearms, while at the chest and shoulders the Men's Pro Insulation ZO Jacket is windproof and warmly insulated. The use of a variety of materials and material thicknesses allows moisture to escape quickly, while the jacket features impressive thermal performance when the thermometer drops. The individual layers of material are interwoven using a heat-sealing process creating the best possible protection from wind and cold temperatures.

A stretchy, softshell insert at the back provides a comfortable fit and excellent breathability in fluctuating weather conditions while reflective elements provide extra visibility in predawn, twilight or any low light conditions.



Perfect for year-round cyclists

This windproof, insulated winter jacket is particularly suitable for ambitious year-round cyclists looking for an adaptable option with excellent technical features. The strategic placement of a variety of technical, functional materials makes the jacket truly comfortable while providing optimal protection from the wind and cold.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

As part of our mission to minimize waste and conserve the planet’s resources, the Men’s Pro Insulation ZO Jacket, like many VAUDE products, uses recycled materials. The insulation incorporates a blend of recycled PET bottles and used coffee grounds. This not only conserves the earth’s natural resources, it also eliminates the need for chemical odor inhibitors, as coffee grounds have a natural antibacterial effect. The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally friendly, functional products made from sustainable and bluesign® certified materials.

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