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AntiMos apparel with ecological mosquito repellent and UV protection

AntiMos-Bekleidung:Gibt Mücken keine Chance

Summertime is mosquito time. All sorts of sprays, creams and candles have been developed to combat the little pests – but it takes the right clothing to make mosquito repellent absolute. VAUDE's AntiMos apparel with natural geraniol ensures that mosquitoes and other biting insects don't stand a chance while also providing effective protection against sunburn.

Laid-back evenings under an open sky, long multi-day tours through the vast valleys of Lapland, meeting friends by the lake – being outdoors is fantastic in the summertime. If it weren't for those pesky mosquitoes. Sometimes they're enough to make you want to stay indoors!

Ecologically-based insect repellent

Starting in Summer 2021, VAUDE's popular Farley line of pants will be outfitted with a Greenfirst® mosquito repellent based on natural geraniol. The Farley ZO Pants V are zip-off hiking pants that not only dry quickly and are easy to care for, but also score points with effective mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes and other insects are especially attracted by the smell of sweat. Natural geraniol ensures that mosquitoes etc. will no longer be attracted by your smell, and instead, happy to buzz around elsewhere with no ill effects for the hiker.

Geraniol is found in various plants such as roses, curry herb, coriander, lavender, laurel, thyme, lemon balm and geraniums. The active ingredient is biodegradable and doesn't cause neurological damage to humans or animals. In contrast to many other insect repellents containing permethrin, it doesn't kill pests, but rather repels them with its fragrance. Impregnation lasts for about 20 washes at 30 °C. Afterwards you should refresh the insect repellency using an after treatment.

What's more, the Farley ZO Pants with UPF 50+ protects against harmful UV rays, providing a full protection package for eco-aware outdoor enthusiasts. The anti-mosquito finish will be available on all VAUDE Farley pants starting in Summer 2021 (available as pants, zip-off, capri pants or shorts).


Trekking shirts with mosquito repellent

What's the point of repelling mosquitoes from your legs if the bloodsuckers have full access to your arms? Right – VAUDE also has a solution for your top half with the Rosemoor Shirt II and the Rosemoor LS Shirt II. These lightweight, breathable and quick-drying short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts are perfect for hiking, trekking or traveling through the tropics. They're made of recycled polyester for eco-correct hiking and are exceptionally comfortable as well. The men's shirts feature excellent ventilation thanks to integrated mesh material at the back. The women's models feature a discreet all-over print and a pleasant amount of stretch.

Mosquito-protection for your kids too

Of course, kids need to be protected as well. With the Kids Detective Antimos ZO Pants children can join you out by the lake at dusk without fear of getting eaten alive. The pants with legs that can also be zipped off, feature UV protection (UPF 50+) and are comfortable and pleasant to wear on all kinds of outdoor adventures – whether playing in the woods or on their first longer hikes with their parents. It goes without saying that they dry quickly and are easy to wash. This allows small outdoor detectives to really immerse themselves in their explorations. "Get in touch with nature!"

The Kids Caprea Antimos Pants also use natural geraniol to repel mosquitoes and other pests. In addition, they're outfitted with tight-fitting anti-tick leg cuffs and abrasion-resistant material reinforcements on the knees and seat to make them your first choice for forest kindergarten.

Sustainable production methods

The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally friendly, functional products made from sustainable, bluesign® certified materials. About 90 % of VAUDE apparel has been awarded the state textile seal Grüner Knopf (Green Button).



More information:  (Kids Detective Antimos ZO Pants)  (Men‘s Farley ZO Pants V)


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