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Detox – VAUDE apparel, shoes and backpacks PFC-free
In 2015 VAUDE signed the Greenpeace Detox Commitment with the goal of systematically eliminating chemicals of concern (such as controversial PFCs) from the manufacturing process by 2020. What has been achieved since then? The VAUDE apparel collection has been PFC-free since 2018 and in 2020 this was achieved for all footwear and backpacks as well. A total of seven out of eleven hazardous substance groups have already been fully eliminated from production and the sustainable outdoor brand has made great strides in four other groups.
VAUDE Jahresrückblick 2020
Es wird sich umarmt und gelacht – in der festlich geschmückten Mehrzweckhalle in Obereisenbach findet die VAUDE Weihnachtsfeier statt. Ein wichtiger Programmpunkt ist die Ehrung der langjährigen Mitarbeitenden. Auf großer Bühne werden Geschenkkörbe überreicht und sich ausgelassen beglückwünscht. Normalerweise. 2020 ist jedoch alles anders. 43 VAUDE Jubilare erleben eine andere, aber nicht weniger emotionale Ehrung zu Corona-Zeiten.
VAUDE erhält den New Work Award 2020
Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser? Das sieht VAUDE anders und holt mit seiner werteorientierten Unternehmenskultur den New Work Award 2020. Mit ihrem Fokus auf Vertrauen und Selbstwirksamkeit überzeugt die nachhaltige Outdoormarke Fachleute und Kenner der „New Work“.
VAUDE gründet Academy für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften
VAUDE unterstützt andere Unternehmen auf ihrem Weg zu einer nachhaltigen und zukunftsfähigen Organisation. Durch die Gründung der „VAUDE Academy für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften“ können interessierte Unternehmen, Organisationen, Schulen und Hochschulen vom breiten Erfahrungsschatz der mit vielen Nachhaltigkeitspreisen ausgezeichneten Outdoormarke profitieren. Gerade in Krisenzeiten zeigt sich, dass nachhaltiges Wirtschaften kein Luxus ist, sondern entscheidende Vorteile bringt.
Lammsbräu Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2020 geht an VAUDE
Der diesjährige Lammsbräu Nachhaltigkeitspreis in der Kategorie „Familiengeführtes Unternehmen“ ging an den Outdoor-Ausrüster VAUDE. Mit großer Freude nahm Lisa Fiedler, Leiterin der VAUDE Academy für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften, die Auszeichnung von Franz Ehrnsperger, Senior-Chef der Neumarkter Lammsbräu, entgegen. Als Corona-Vorsichtsmaßnahme fand die Preisverleihung sowie auch das begleitende Fachforum digital statt und beides wurde per Live-Stream online ausgestrahlt.
Buch-Talk mit Antje von Dewitz und Gerd Müller
Antje von Dewitz, VAUDE Geschäftsführerin, und Bundesentwicklungsminister Gerd Müller unterhalten sich am Firmensitz von VAUDE in Tettnang über ihre neu erschienen Bücher: „Mut steht uns gut!“ (Antje von Dewitz) und „Umdenken. Überlebensfragen der Menschheit.“ (Gerd Müller). Moderiert wird das Gespräch von Hendrik Groth, Chefredakteur der Schwäbischen Zeitung, der auch Fragen der Online-Community einbringt.

Ein Jahr Grüner Knopf

Ein Jahr Grüner Knopf
Ein Jahr ist es her, dass der Grüne Knopf als erstes staatliches Siegel für fair und ökologisch nachhaltig produzierte Textilien eingeführt wurde, dank des hohen Engagements von Bundesentwicklungsminister Gerd Müller. Seitdem gibt dieses Siegel Konsumenten eine wertvolle Orientierung, um verantwortungsbewusst einzukaufen. Zum 1. Jahrestag besuchte Gerd Müller den Outdoor-Ausrüster VAUDE in Tettnang, dessen Produkte größtenteils mit dem Grünen Knopf zertifiziert sind. „Mittlerweile beteiligen sich 52 Unternehmen, also fast doppelt so viele wie beim Start vor einem Jahr“, berichtet Gerd Müller stolz.
VAUDE introduces the Repair Index
The outdoor specialist VAUDE has always set great store in ensuring that its products have the smallest ecological footprint possible and that they can be used and repaired over the long term. Now the outdoor outfitter is going one step further and systematically embedding reparability in its product development operations. To ensure that products are designed to be as easy to repair as possible from their very inception, VAUDE has introduced the Repair Index. "With our Repair Index, we are strengthening our focus on reparability and reaffirming our stance against a throwaway society. It shows that we are taking our claim seriously. Our products should have a long service life and be reparable," said Antje von Dewitz, VAUDE CEO.
Skarvan Biobased Pants – Trekking pants made of biobased polyamide PA 6.10
VAUDE is taking a major step into the post-fossil age with its new Skarvan Biobased Pants made of biobased polyamide PA 6.10. The yarn used consists of 62 % castor oil and was developed together with the polymer specialist Evonik. In addition to the ecological advantages of renewable raw materials, this new fabric features impressive functional properties such as faster drying times and high elasticity. Biobased at its best!
Elope Jacket – Functional hiking jacket made with recycled materials
VAUDE has set itself ambitious targets and intends to significantly increase the proportion of recycled materials in its outdoor product range. The proportion of VAUDE products with a minimum content of 50 % renewable, biobased or recycled raw materials is to increase from the current level of just under 33 % (Summer 21 collection) to 90 % by 2024. The Elope Jacket is setting a good example. This functional jacket is largely made with recycled materials, which conserves valuable resources in production. The wind and waterproof 2-layer construction is the first choice for eco-aware hikers.
AntiMos apparel with ecological mosquito repellent and UV protection
Summertime is mosquito time. All sorts of sprays, creams and candles have been developed to combat the little pests – but it takes the right clothing to make mosquito repellent absolute. VAUDE's AntiMos apparel with natural geraniol ensures that mosquitoes and other biting insects don't stand a chance while also providing effective protection against sunburn.
Urban weather protection: Women's Mineo 2L Jacket and Men's Mineo 2,5L Parka
Summer time is not only sun time, but also thunderstorm time. If you don't think ahead, you run the risk of getting soaked. VAUDE is bringing weather protection to the big city with its Urban Life Collection. The
Mineo 2L jacket can be packed down small – and provides the best possible protection from a cloudburst. Modern design paired with outdoor functionality – that fits into any bag.
UBN Redmont 2.0 – eco sneakers with bio cotton and organic leather
The new VAUDE sneakers UBN Redmont 2.0 feature natural materials – bio cotton, organic leather and natural rubber, and they're truly astonishing in terms of sustainable shoe production. To top it off, they're also made in Europe. The "urban conscious" target group and any sports-loving metropolitans will find a trendy companion for their adventures in the urban jungle. They're certainly the greenest shoes VAUDE has ever made.
Wizard Rucksack with Aeroflex Control
If you want maximum flexibility and functionality in your backpack, the VAUDE Wizard is the choice for you. It's as versatile as life itself. This technical hiking pack is flexible enough to even meet day-to-day demands, with an Aeroflex Control suspension system that easily transitions from a snug-contact back to full ventilation.
The Trail Spacer 28 backpack made from biobased polyamide
The Trail Spacer 28 backpack has been tailored – or rather, knitted – for active mountaineers! Not only does it offer plenty of room for gear, it also scores points with excellent ventilation and an extremely comfortable 3D-knitted Spacerknit suspension system. In addition, it's partially made from biobased polyamide. It's an absolute carryall for nature lovers everywhere – and it won’t let anything come between you and your next micro-adventure!
Children's backpacks Skovi, Puck, Hylax & more with recycled materials
Kids have their own ideas and requirements when it comes to outdoor gear. Especially when it comes to backpacks, kids want to have it just as good as their parents. This is exactly where the new VAUDE children's backpacks Skovi, Puck, Hylax, Ayla and Minnie score. Each has a design that's not only inspiring with its cheerful colors, but is also tailor made for children and above all, features eco-friendly production. Starting with the Summer 2021 Season, all VAUDE children's backpacks will be made of recycled materials.
New travel accessories made from 100 % recycled materials
People on the move need support: to keep them organized throughout the day, when showering, sorting gear, for the careful storage of travel documents and, last but not least, to keep their money safe. This is exactly where the new travel accessories from VAUDE come into play. From money belts to wash bags, these personal aids bring order to everyday travel and make the daily routine easier for globetrotters. Thanks to 100 % recycled materials, the ecological footprint of these travel companions is also something you'll love.
CityTravel Backpack: Urban Nomads
The new CityTravel Backpack combines the carrying comfort of a well-made hiking pack with urban styling and exceptionally practical handling. It's the perfect choice for business trips – and for urbanites who love to travel and want to have ample storage space for everything they need on the road.
Bike Alpin Pro 28+: MTB backpack with Aeroflex Control
The Bike Alpin Pro 28+ backpack combines a generous volume with an innovative, adjustable suspension system. Depending on your ride, the pack can be worn with a well ventilated back or body hugging fit. Its well thought-out compartment organization makes it the perfect choice for both long day tours and multi-day tours.
Karakorum Pro Bag for Bike Travel
The Karakorum Pro bike bag makes versatility, organization and sustainability a priority! The upper part of the triple gear rack bag can be removed in a few easy steps and transformed into a spacious backpack. In addition, the cleverly divided bike bag consists primarily of recycled materials.
Men’s Cyclist Softshell Jacket II - functional and water-repellent
The Men's Cyclist Softshell Jacket II is VAUDE's answer to the needs of eco-aware, all-weather cycling urbanites. The jacket not only offers three-layer weather protection made with eco friendly production methods, it's also an eye catcher with its modern, functional design.
Minaki Light Jacket - ultra-light insulation jacket for MTB touring
The Minaki Light Jacket takes thermal bike wear to a whole new level. It combines the cozy thermal insulation of S.Café® recycled polyester with eco friendly production methods and a comfortable, bike specific cut.
Moab Pro 16 II Enduro Backpack
The Moab Pro 16 II Enduro backpack combines an integrated SAS-TEC SCA 500 back protector with features specifically designed for mountain bikers and is made primarily from eco-friendly materials. It's the perfect choice for downhill-oriented mountain bikers who want to play it safe on the trail and protect the environment at the same time.
Qimsa Wind T-Shirt – wind protection for (e-)biking
E-biking often means faster speeds than traditional biking – which means you'll need better protection from the wind. The Qimsa Wind T-Shirt blocks out wind but is also breathable, offering the best possible wearing comfort on extended bike tours.
Freiheit unterm Sternenzelt
Ein Maximum an Flexibilität und Komfort unterwegs – das wünschen sich alle Camper. Das Zelt stets dort aufbauen zu können, wo man es sich gerade wünscht, macht modernes Camping aus. Genau diese Anforderungen erfüllt das Drive Trunk Zelt von VAUDE, das einfach an die PKW-Heckklappe angeschlossen wird. Flexible Auto-Reisende finden damit stets ein mobiles Zuhause für die spontane Übernachtung.
VAUDE joins Facebook advertising boycott
VAUDE joins the international #StopHateForProfit campaign that is encouraging Facebook to take stronger action against hateful, violent and racist content on its networks. The outdoor outfitter is suspending all paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram until further notice starting July 1. The campaign, which is calling on companies to boycott advertising on Facebook, was initiated by several American non-profit organizations such as the Anti Defamation League.
Antje von Dewitz’ Buch ab sofort im Buchhandel erhältlich
„Mut steht uns gut!“
Was passiert, wenn ein Unternehmen die Verantwortung für Mensch und Natur ernst nimmt? Wenn eine Unternehmerin Werte wie Nachhaltigkeit, Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf und Vertrauen zur praktischen Firmenphilosophie macht und selbst konsequent lebt? Antje von Dewitz hat sich und den VAUDE Mitarbeitenden diese Fragen bereits vor einigen Jahren gestellt und gemeinsam wurden bis heute viele Antworten gefunden. Antworten, die gerade jetzt in der Corona-Krise besonders aktuell erscheinen. „Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften macht krisenresistent“, so die Erfahrung von Antje von Dewitz, VAUDE Geschäftsführerin. Entstanden ist ein sehr persönliches und ehrliches Buch: „Mut steht uns gut!“ Es verbindet die Biographie von Antje von Dewitz mit der Geschichte von VAUDE verbindet und macht deutlich: Wir alle können zu einer gerechteren Welt beitragen.
VAUDE bietet Fachhändlern und Kunden eine Plattform für lokalen Lieferservice
Die Ladenschließungen stellen sowohl Sportfachhändler als auch Hersteller vor extreme Herausforderungen. Um den Fachhandel in dieser schwierigen Zeit tatkräftig zu unterstützen, hat VAUDE schnell reagiert und ein ganzes Paket an Maßnahmen auf die Beine gestellt. Ziel ist es, den Fachhandelspartnern trotz geschlossener Geschäfte zu Umsätzen zu verhelfen, sei es durch einen lokalen Lieferservice, durch Unterstützung beim Online-Geschäft oder durch einen kulanten Umgang mit Liefer-Vereinbarungen. Über eine neue Plattform auf der VAUDE Homepage ermöglicht VAUDE Fachhändlern und VAUDE Stores in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz einen lokalen Lieferservice für die Kunden anzubieten. Die Resonanz ist groß - innerhalb weniger Tage haben sich rund 100 Fachhändler dafür angemeldet.
Internationalization, digitization and a female employee ratio of 50 %
2019 was a decisive year for the VAUDE Marketing Department which was restructured to create three new management positions with the goal of advancing the company’s digitization and internationalization. The new system established a female management ratio of 50 % in the marketing department, surpassing VAUDE’s company-wide ratio of 43 %.
VAUDE und eBay starten Upcycling Store
VAUDE und eBay starten Upcycling Store
• Neuer Upcycling Store in Deutschland für hochwertige Restmaterialien aus der Textil-Produktion
• Kreative und Bastelfans können ihre Ideen mit Materialresten aus der VAUDE Manufaktur am Firmenstandort in Deutschland verwirklichen
• Der gesamte Erlös der Verkäufe kommt der Kinderrechtssorganisation „Save the Children“ zu Gute
Antje von Dewitz honored in London
Antje von Dewitz, VAUDE CEO, received a highly regarded international award on February 6th – the Vanity Fair Changing your Mind Award 2020. In attendance at the festive awards ceremony, which took place at the Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel in London, were 150 guests from the travel and tourism industry and the world of media. The Vanity Fair Changing Your Mind Awards are presented annually to five pioneers from around the world who have had the courage to break new ground and bring about positive change. Antje von Dewitz received the award for her commitment to sustainable business and to raising consciousness in society with an impact reaching far beyond VAUDE itself.
Back Bowl 3L Jacket III + Pants: Eco-friendly Powder-Duo
VAUDE's Back Bowl series is aimed at downhill skiers who want to earn their powder runs by fair means – a motto that applies to true nature lovers as well as to their apparel. Now in its third generation, this 3-layer freeriding duo with optimized cut and features is perfectly designed for outstanding performance and even more fun on your deep snow adventures thanks to the pristine eco conscience it’ll give you!
Sesvenna Pro Jacket: Athletically-inclined climate activist
Some people like a challenge — especially when it comes to getting up a mountain with skis. High performance clothing is needed to keep you from overheating on ski tours and that’s where VAUDE's Sesvenna Pro jacket comes into play. It combines a sophisticated, motion-friendly construction with sustainable manufacturing. The outdoor specialist uses an ingenious material mix that is windproof and insulating, alternating breathable and flexible knit zones. The result is an outstanding microclimate and superbly comfortable fit for all kinds of adventures in the snow.
Women’s Elope Fleece Jacket: Green Fleece for Clean Water
Wood to wear? Yes, it’s possible! For its Winter Collection 20/21, the outdoor specialist VAUDE is once again offering textiles made from biodegradable fleece fabrics with wood cellulose. The chic Women's Elope Fleece Jacket for hiking and trekking contains 62 % recycled polyester in addition to its wood cellulose fiber. It’s the perfect choice for hiking with a clean conscience and when all you want to leave behind is a good impression. A small contribution toward fighting the growing problem of plastic waste in our environment.
Capacida Hybrid Jacket: Ascending Young Talent
Parents who love winter sports also love to share their passion with their children. But until now, finding adequate performance ski touring apparel for them has often been a real challenge. The outdoor, family specialist VAUDE also cares about the next aspiring generation of outdoor enthusiasts. With the Capacida Hybrid Jacket, the Kids Livigno Halfzip Sweater and Performance Pants we’ve got a trio for your first family ski tours – and for experiencing the thrill of the mountains by fair means.
Minaki STX II Winter Bike Boots for Toasty Feet
There’s nothing that ruins a winter ride in low temperatures faster than cold feet. With the Minaki STX II winter cycling shoes, you can check that concern off your list. They combine a completely waterproof,robust construction designed specifically for the challenges of winter, with a Boa quick-release closure and warm PrimaLoft Eco lining.
Men’s Pro Insulation ZO Jacket: Hybrid Bike Jacket
The VAUDE Men's Pro Insulation ZO Jacket is a textbook example of a hybrid cycling jacket. Not only is it warm, reliably waterproof and windproof, it can also be easily transformed into a vest. Year-round cyclists will be optimally outfitted for rides in transitional seasons!
Women’s All Year Moab ZO Jacket – Bike Jacket with Zip-off Sleeves
Clear stable weather is a rare occasion when you’re a year-round cyclist. Gusty winds, frosty temperatures, an unexpected burst of sunshine – they’re all part and parcel of your ride, especially in winter. The insulated VAUDE Women's All Year Moab ZO Jacket was engineered for a wide variety of weather conditions and is always up for the challenge of cycling in unpredictable weather.
Bike Bag CityGo Bike 23: Ready to Ride
The new CityGo Bike 23 is both a comfortable backpack and practical pannier in one. This makes it the perfect multi-tool for commuters who want to switch from a bike bag to a comfortable office daypack at the train station.
Men’s Manukau Padded Jacket: Natural and sustainable urban style
Effortlessly cool city styling paired with environmental integrity – that’s the VAUDE Manukau Padded Jacket. There’s a huge amount of ecological spirit in this classic trucker jacket. A blend of hemp and recycled polyester was used in the outer material while recycled polyester from used bottles was included in the insulation. In addition, the jacket’s classic design and polished wax finish are sure to draw attention.
Kajam – a functional phenom: bag and backpack in one (the bag-pack)
Packing, unpacking, repacking – good logistics are crucial to your modern lifestyle. Whether you’re walking, taking the bus or riding your bike, you need flexible solutions for carrying your gear – whether for a trip to the corner grocery, a day at the mall or your evening yoga class. The new VAUDE backpack Kajam is here to help. This practical holdall in a sporty urban look can be worn over the shoulder, carried by hand or worn like a pack. Thanks to high-quality workmanship and recycled materials, the bag is perfectly suited for eco-aware urbanites who enjoy traveling in style.
ME Cyclist Padded Coat: Hybrid Bike Jacket
The VAUDE ME Cyclist Padded Coat will add some style to your ride – while effectively keeping the elements at bay. This makes it the perfect companion for commuters who want to stay warm and dry while still looking good on their ride.
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